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Recognizing your employees’ hard work and achievements is a great way to show your appreciation and encourage continued success in the future. When it comes to honoring the top performers within your business or organization, nothing beats custom employee gifts, such as employee of the month awards. These trophies and plaques can be a meaningful, tangible and public way to praise your employees. And the more unusual they look, the more likely they are to become a favorite conversation piece. To make a bold impression, here are six unique employee award ideas for you to consider:

oval award

1. Oval Tower Crystal

Made of solid crystal and featuring a stunning oval face, this Oval Tower Crystal Award is perfect for the high achievers within your organization. Hold it up to the light, and you’ll see that the glitter of the crystal is a sight to behold. When engraved with a logo and personal message, this custom employee gift is a beautiful way to express your thanks and appreciation.

marble plaque

2. White Marble Laser Engraved Plaque

Plaques make an excellent business recognition gift when you want something that can be displayed on a wall. Our White Marble Laser Engraved Plaque takes this employee award idea to the next level. Unlike traditional plaques that require a plate, your logo and personal message are directly laser engraved into the plaque itself. The engraving is a brown wood color to contrast your logo and message with the white marble finish.

diamond crystal award

3. Clear Crystal Diamond

Four inches in diameter, two and a half inches tall and made of solid crystal, our Clear Crystal Diamond is certainly a unique employee recognition award idea! The excellent craftsmanship and heavy weight of this pieces will convey your gratitude and how much you value the quality work that your employees provide on a daily basis.

globe teamwork award

4. Crystal Globe Teamwork Award

If you want to recognize the combined effort of a department or group of employees, our Crystal Globe Teamwork Award will make a great recognition gift. Standing ten inches tall, this stunning trophy is a solid crystal globe hoisted up by a silver metal riser. It sits on a black piano finished base, where your logo and personal message will be engraved. This custom business award is an excellent way to recognize collective achievements while encouraging team building in the future.

stone acrylic award

5. Stone Resin Floating Acrylic Plaque

Break away from traditional plaque designs with this unique Stone Resin Floating Acrylic Plaque, made with stylish acrylic that “floats” on top of a natural looking stone resin plaque. Because the floating sheet is made of acrylic, we print your logo and message in a wide variety of colors. This helps give your custom employee gift a vibrant quality that makes it stand out from other business awards and plaques.

crystal cube award

6. Cube Crystal Award

If you want to individually recognize a large number of employees without breaking the bank on awards, our Cube Crystal Awards are a perfect solution. You can still get high-quality, custom employee gifts with an engraved logo and personal message at an affordable price. Available in three different sizes, each cube is made of heavy, solid crystal and individually packaged in a decorative box so you can easily and elegantly present these gifts to your employees.

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Show your employees how much you value and appreciate their dedication and hard work with these unique employee recognition award ideas. Whatever your vision, K2 Awards can help make it a reality.

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