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A pinewood derby is so much more than a race. It’s a fun learning experience that fosters ingenuity, creativity and a healthy sense of competition.

Keeping with that theme, there are awards that go beyond simply pinewood derby trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These Cub Scout pinewood derby trophies help celebrate the true spirit of a derby!


Pinewood Derby Awards Categories

Most Unique Derby Car. Which car stood out and was the most unique of the bunch?

Best Craftsmanship. Which car was made the best and showed a real eye for detail?

Most Humorous Derby Car. Which car made the judges smile and chuckle?

Most Creative Derby Car. Which car showed a real flare and creative eye?

Most Impressive Paint Job. Which car had the best, most professional-looking paint job?

Most Clever Engineering. Which car design displayed ingenuity and inventiveness in the engineering?

Most Realistic Design. Which design was the most realistic of them all?

Best Use of Color. Which car utilized color well and had the best-looking color scheme?

Best Fuel Economy. Which car was the slowest in the race?

Judge’s Choice. Which car was the judge’s or judges’ personal favorite?

People’s Choice. Which car was the crowd favorite?

Pinewood derby award resources

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