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When it comes to getting the most out of your employees, a little recognition goes a long way. By recognizing your employees for their contributions, you are enhancing productivity, improving employee retention and boosting overall morale. Although it’s important to focus on achievements, it’s also worthwhile to reward employees who demonstrate certain values such as initiative, creativity or anything that embodies your company mission.

The best way to really understand what motivates employees is to ask. You may want to conduct a survey asking employees how they want to be recognized and what motivates them. Do they think an awards program should be performance based or focused more intangible things like being a team player or having a positive attitude? Perhaps it could be a combination of both.

Once the criteria is set, it’s time to start planning. Developing an awards committee is a great way to get your awards program off the ground. Members of the committee should work together to decide how they are going to go about giving awards. Will it be done on a monthly basis? What categories will there be? And how will you go about giving awards? It is important to set up an awards program that will include all employees.

Once you have your awards program figured out, it’s time to focus on the actual awards! At K2 Awards & Apparel, we have employee awards perfect for any situation. Here are just some of our business awards available.

black marble plaque

Employee of the Month Award

Think a classy looking award has to be expensive? With the Black Marble Finish Plaque, you’ll think twice! Available in three sizes, this plaque is made of pressed wood with a faux black marble finish. There is a metal plaque attached to the front with plenty of space to display your logo and all the free unlimited engraving you want. Employees will be proud to display this plaque on their walls!

oval crystal award

Leadership Award

For leaders who tower above the competition, give them an Oval Tower Crystal Award! This beautiful crystal award is available in three sizes with a flat surface to accommodate your company logo and personalized engraving. This is a classy award at a great price and all engraving is free and unlimited!

blue impress acrylic award

Service Award

Celebrate years of hard work and dedication with a Blue Spire Impress Acrylic Award! Available in three sizes, this stunning blue acrylic award comes with your choice of laser engraving or color printing. This award will be displayed with pride by the winner and, best of all, engraving is free and unlimited!

dundie award

Just for Fun Trophies

Not all business awards have to be serious, so why not add a little fun with a Dundie Award? One of our most popular awards, The Dundie is a great humorous award and gift for The Office fans. Why not host your very own Dundie Awards? Also available in a female version, this memorable award comes with free unlimited engraving.

As you can see, we have a diverse selection of business and employee recognition awards. We offer guaranteed fast shipping, 100% customer satisfaction and with our bulk discounts, you can save even more. Show your employees the appreciation they deserve and order yours today!
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