trophy for football team

Coming out of a football playoff season with a championship is a major accomplishment for your team and the whole school. Get a football championship trophy that communicates the importance of your team's achievements. Let's look at a few football award ideas that your team can be proud of.

perpetual football trophy

A metalized football perpetual football trophy is a great way to not only memorialize your current team's victory, but to encourage future athletes to make it onto a plate as well. This trophy features a sleek golden football atop a two-tiered wooden base: the top tier has a single engraving plate while the bottom tier has nine smaller plates, giving you the option to personalize the award however you see fit.

rustic perpetual trophy

This rustic champion perpetual football trophy is similar to the gold metalized trophy, but with rustic detailing. The finish gives the trophy a more vintage look, which is perfect for a trophy that acts as a history of every major football victory. Like the gold metalized trophy, the perpetual base is two-tiered and totally customizable.

elegant football trophy

If you would like to give out individual football trophies for each of your champion team members, the elegant football column trophy is a great choice. It stands tall at 10.5 inches, so it's sure to stand out on either your players' personal shelves or in your school's display case. With free unlimited personalization, you can add any information you like!

metalized football trophy

If you would rather have a unique football championship trophy for each of your team's major victories, choose the metalized football trophy. The bright gold finish makes for a distinguished, eye-catching award that your team members will be proud to show off. Customize the base text to memorialize the year and championship title won!

crystal football trophy

This crystal football trophy is one-of-a-kind! It has a modern magnificence that will stand out from the other awards in your school's display case. It features a crystal football above the clear column base, which has a football player etched onto the center. As with all our football trophies, personalized engravings are 100% free!

football spiral trophy

This football spiral trophy is ideal for youth players. Its design combines an appropriate amount of fun and classiness to help your young players recognize the significance of what might be their first championship win. Keep one for your school's display case and give copies to each of your budding athletes so they can remember their victory forever!

K2 Awards has plenty of other football trophies, medals, plaques available. Whether you need a perpetual trophy to memorialize your team's big win or participation awards for your young athletes, we have plenty of options waiting for you!

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