Cheerleaders work hard to create cheers and choreography for crowd members to enjoy, whether it's a sporting event or a cheer tournament. No matter their age or competition level, their efforts deserve to be recognized. Let's explore fitting cheer awards for different age groups, and a few that are reserved for the ultimate champions. 

Cheerleaders Elementary Age or Younger

team spirit trophy

This team spirit cheerleader trophy makes a perfect first addition to a young athlete's trophy collection. It's a classic marble base column trophy topped with a cheerleader holding her pom-poms in the air. This cheer trophy will give your young cheerleaders something to be proud of!

bobblehead cheer trophy

If you're looking for cheerleader awards that are more on the fun side, try out a bobblehead cheerleader trophy. They're perfect for your young squad of cheerleaders, giving them a nicely detailed trophy with an element of motion that sets it apart from the rest. It's a trophy that everybody can love!

Middle School or Pre-Teen Cheerleaders

Even though they aren't pros yet, these young cheerleaders are definitely getting the hang of difficult stunts, growing together as a team. Try these two cheer award ideas to show your pride in your squad's progress.

standard trophy

The standard cheerleader trophy is the perfect trophy to use as a participation award: it's a simple gold design on a marble base that serves as a lasting reminder of a great season. You can also honor the individual strengths of your team members thanks to the free unlimited customization that comes with this trophy.

High School Cheerleaders

As some of the most visible athletes in high school, cheerleaders are now tasked with upping the ante. In charge of getting everybody pumped at sporting events, this is really the time that cheerleaders start honing their skills even further as some of them prepare to continue cheering in college. Recognize their dedication to the sport with these cheer trophies!

color cheer trophy

This trophy stands out — just like the person who earned it! This color scene cheer trophy is stunningly structured, with a gold riser and colorful megaphone medallion topped with a leaping cheerleader. Give this to the cheerleader whose stunts are out of this world.

shooting star cheer trophy

This unique design makes the achievements behind this shooting star cheerleader trophy all the more memorable. The top star features pom-poms and a megaphone, so you might consider awarding it to the cheerleader with the most team spirit. You can personalize this trophy for free, adding the squad member's name or the title of their prize.

College Cheerleaders

Not everyone can be a college cheerleader, especially at the varsity level. The squad members at the college level are the best of the best, and your cheer award ideas should reflect that. These college cheerleading trophies are sure to be cherished long after graduation.

phoenix cheer trophy

This phoenix cheerleader trophy towers over the competition, just like your elite squad! The gold wings and shooting star on the rise hold up a posing cheerleader, the perfect representation of your team's achievements. Personalize it with the year or the athlete's name for an extra-special touch.

ultra action cheer trophy

The detailed ultra action cheerleader trophy features a cheerleader in flight, pom-poms proudly in the air above her. It's a sturdy, modern take on more classic trophy designs, representative of how your team is constantly innovating their choreography to bring their audience a unique experience. Free unlimited personalization makes this deal even better!

Championship Cheer Awards

Whether the champs are in high school, college or another age set, these cheer trophies are sure to wow. The defending champions may also get the chance to keep the symbol of their victory for a year, which is why these cheer award ideas are trophies they'll be eager to get their hands on.

three post trophy

This customizable, tiered three post cheer trophy is sure to stoke your squad's competitive spirit! Being able to hold the columns as a team will only make victory that much sweeter. Choose the column color, topper and size to make this championship trophy perfect.

perpetual walnut trophy

Have the victorious team name engraved in gold with the cheer perpetual walnut trophy. Each name plate will serve as a lasting memory of your cheerleading squad's accomplishments at a competition or tournament. It could also serve as a record of cheerleading scholarship winners who are off to continue their passion in college and beyond.

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There are plenty of other cheer awards to choose from in our full selection. From bobbleheads to plaques and so much more, we've got cheerleading trophies that anyone can root for!

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