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One of the most fun parts of coaching or helping out with a youth soccer team is seeing the joy on the kids’ faces when their effort gets recognized. Whether your players win or lose, a soccer trophy is a great way to commemorate the season — and picking the best soccer trophies for your team is a chance to have some more fun!

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional soccer trophy cup or column soccer trophy, young kids will get a kick (elbow, elbow) out of something more playful. Better yet, K2 offers plenty of unique yet affordable kids’ soccer trophies.

Consider one of these seven fun, creative youth soccer trophy ideas to make your kids’ faces light up.

1. Loveable Characters

Who can resist smiling at the Happy Cup Soccer Trophy? Or how about the whimsical Soccer Trophy Dude? He even has flexible, posable arms that you and the team can move into any position you want!

2. Bobblehead Soccer Trophies

These cute kid characters are great for the littlest of soccer players. Kids enjoy the bobbling heads, and parents love the adorable style. Choose from a male Bobblehead Soccer Trophy or a female Bobblehead Soccer Trophy.

3. Monster Trophies

Indulge your little monsters with a soccer trophy that makes them feel tough. You can get a Monster Victory Soccer Insert Trophy with the insert of your choice or no insert at all. Or you can get the Monster Soccer Trophy in a slightly different victory pose. These designs are especially great options if your team name includes the word “Monsters,” but any team that loves fierce competition can appreciate these whimsical soccer trophies for kids.

4. Surprise Movement

At first glance, some of our soccer trophies for kids may look like they’re just cool designs — but then you discover that the soccer balls actually move! Part award, part toy, these trophy styles are sure to excite little ones. The Sponge Spinner Soccer Trophy and Spinner Soccer Trophy are extremely popular. The Sponge Spinner Riser Soccer Trophy is also a hit, featuring not one but two soccer balls, the bigger of which spins on its axis

5. 3D Effects

If you want a kids’ soccer trophy that “pops,” look no further. The image on this 3D Activity Card Soccer Trophy appears to jump off the background, and the soccer ball appears to really move.

6. Super Powers

For girls' soccer teams, the Super Hero Soccer Insert Trophy is a fun way to celebrate girl power. You can get it with the insert design of your choice or no insert at all. You can even customize these soccer trophies for kids with your team’s own logo design.

7. Photo Frame Soccer Trophies

Adding a photo makes a youth soccer trophy even more meaningful. Consider this Soccer Sport Trophy Frame featuring a soccer trophy cup, or the Soccer Theme Photo Frame with its soccer ball pattern. Both options are meaningful whether they picture the whole team or an individual player.

Score some smiles by choosing a youth soccer trophy design that’s anything but ordinary. Want to explore more ideas? Browse our full offering of soccer trophies for kids now.

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