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A championship win is a big deal for youth football players, since it's probably their first time experiencing such a huge victory. To make the end-of-season awards ceremony extra special, some coaches decide to hand out youth football championship rings rather than traditional football medals. Let's look at a few important considerations before you choose one or the other.

Are The Available Ring Sizes Likely To Fit All Players?

The biggest obstacle you face when choosing youth football champion rings is ring size. You have to find a distributor that offers youth ring sizes and determine which sizes will fit every member of your team. It won't be an easy task to compile sizing information from parents and will most likely come down to guesswork.

If you do decide on youth football rings for your awards ceremony, you can always get neck chains to go with them. That way, if a ring is too big or small, it can be worn as a necklace. Your players can flaunt their victory any way they want!

Would Your Team Rather Wear Or Display Their Awards?

As you come up with youth football award ideas, consider what your players might want to do with their awards. You might want to simply ask them which type of award they find cooler: a youth football championship ring they can wear anytime they want or a medal that they could display alongside other treasured belongings. Some kids might find it annoying to wear a piece of jewelry, but others might like the opportunity to show it off and tell people about their big win. No matter what, try your best to please everybody on the team — they are the winners, after all!

Are Your Players Likely To Lose The Rings?

Another concern with youth football championship rings is that young children are prone to misplacing things. Since they might wear the rings everywhere they go, they could lose not only the ring, but the symbol of their team's victory.

Of course, football medals can be lost, too. But since a medal is generally placed or hung in a trophy display, it's less likely to disappear. To help reduce the likelihood of the player losing their ring, you could put it on a neck chain for them to wear as a necklace. They get the same exposure with added security!

Was This Season A Highlight Or A Stepping Stone?

The kind of award you give your youth football team could also be determined by the quality of the season. You can ask yourself if your team made any major accomplishments or improvements, even if they didn't make it all the way to the championships.

Also consider whether the past season was the first for all or most of your players. If you feel the season was one that the kids will want to remember forever, you might consider giving out football medals.

On the other hand, if your team won a championship, the act of giving them a youth football championship ring is itself memorable. Having a ring instead of a medal or trophy can solidify the specialness of the season. Rings (however tricky) can also be held onto for just as long as a medal.

Even if the season was more of a stepping stone to next year, you should still recognize your team's efforts. Whether you choose medals, rings, trophies or another kind of award, you should give them some sort of token of a job well done. 

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