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Wrestling is the most storied of sports, a beautifully simple one-on-one contest informed by thousands of years of grappling. Notable amateur wrestlers include everyone from MMA and WWE champion Brock Lesnar to The Great Emancipator himself (Honest Abe having suffered only one defeat in his twelve years of competition). If there's someone in your life who's committed themselves to this sport of kings and commoners, we feel it's only right that they receive an award befitting their contributions to this oldest and most human of pastimes.

Wrestling Trophies

Part of what makes wrestling so great is the way it celebrates the human form, which is why it only makes sense that the best wrestling trophies feature challengers locked in the throes of competition. That's the moment caught in time by our Motion Wrestling Trophy, which features two gold-cast grapplers perched upon a stylish ebony base. The plate on that base can be engraved with any message you like - in fact, we offer free, unlimited personalization for every award we sell.

Perhaps you'd prefer to make use of that feature with our Saturn Wrestling Trophy. Named in tribute to the Greek mythological deity that served as king of the gods (Greece, incidentally, being where wrestling was introduced as an Olympic sport), this stunning resin statue portrays a wrestler hoisting his opponent onto his shoulders in the instant before victory. It's a gorgeous testimonial to the thrill of triumph and is certain to be appreciated by the victorious grappler in your life.

True champions, however, deserve an award befitting their accomplishments. That's why we're proud to offer our Giant Three Post Wrestling Trophy, which stands at a towering 20 inches and can be customized to stretch a full foot taller. In fact, every aspect of the trophy - the figure, the base, the post color and the trim - can be completely customized to ensure that it's specifically tailored to the recipient's particular achievement. Don't just give them an award - give them something that they'll be able to look upon with pride for years to come.  

Wrestling Rings

As great as trophies are, it's not as though the recipient can carry theirs around at all times to make others aware of their accomplishment. That would be impractical and more than a little prideful. Luckily, there's a way for champion wrestlers to keep a reminder of their triumph on hand at all times without being so blatant about it. Our Wrestling Championship Ring are available as a silver wrestling rings or gold wrestling rings and can be ordered in sizes ranging from 7 to 13. In addition to boasting a handsome design and heavy, quality construction, these rings also offer a number of customization options for both their bezels and their inserts. What's more, you can make the giving of the ring extra special by including a velvet pouch and a gold neck chain, an exceptional and stylish combination that only costs about a dollar extra.

You can find that level of customization and the same accessory options in our Gold Wrestling Championship Ring, which features the same quality construction as our other models in a stately, square, stone-studded design. The bronze flame inlaid into the band symbolizes the blazing fire of competition, which has burned since the inception of wrestling thousands of years ago and will continue to do so so long as grapplers like yours fight to keep it alive.

Wrestling Medals

Though the wrestler in your life may not yet be an Olympic champion, who's to say that they aren't on their way? One of our stunning, diecast medals will serve as a more than acceptable substitute until they get some actual gold draped around their necks. This Wreath Wrestling Medal, for example, captures a classic grappling scene in an olive wreath frame - a fitting tribute to the sport's Greco-Roman origins. The medal itself can be ordered in gold, silver or bronze, while the ribbon can be created in a wide variety of colors - perhaps those of the team to which your wrestler has brought such glory.

Those looking for something slightly less traditional might instead prefer our BriteLazer Wrestling Medal. BriteLazer technology allows for the inclusion of exceptional detail, which is evident by the meticulous, repeating patterns bordering the outside of the medal. While this award offers the same custom color options as our Wreath Wrestling Medal, it can also be ordered with a regular or premium display case for just a dollar or so more.

As spectacular as all these awards are, we know that not every coach or loved one has it in their budget to get the best of the best (especially if they've got several wrestlers to award). That's why we've included this Budget Wrestling Medal in our catalog, which starts at under two dollars each. The detail included, however, is spectacular at any price, and it also boasts the same color options offered by our other wrestling medals. It's also similar to our other medals in that the back can be engraved with any message you like, a personal touch that'll mean more to the recipient than what you spent.  

Best Wrestling Awards for Your Team 

Few sports are as equalizing as wrestling. When the whistle blows, there's nothing but you and your opponent. That simplicity attracts all sorts of competitors to the mat, which is why we offer such a wide variety of awards. Find the perfect wrestling award for your team whether that may be:

  • Motion Wrestling Trophy
  • Saturn Wrestling Trophy
  • Giant Three Post Wrestling Trophy
  • Wrestling Championship Ring
  • Gold Wrestling Championship Ring
  • BriteLazer Wrestling Medal
  • Wreath Wrestling Medal
  • Budget Wrestling Medal

If you'd like to learn more about how K2 can provide awards for all sorts of achievements, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service associates. Find the best wrestling award for your team or tournament today. 

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