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One of the most recognizable trophy designs is the trophy cup. While these days it's more common to receive a trophy with a human or animal figure atop a pedestal, there's something to be said for the trophy cup's historical significance. But, why are trophies cups in the first place? Are they somehow superior to our modern trophy designs? Let's explore some of the history behind this cultural icon and try to reach a verdict.


It Started With The Greeks

Many of our modern traditions came to us from the Greek culture and the trophy cup is no exception. Silver trophy cups were awarded to event winners at the original Greek Olympic games. Before that, winners were given only a laurel wreath of twisted olive branches to represent their victory. At the time, this was one of the most prestigious honors a person could earn. Other awards included sacred olive oil, vases, and shields.


Loving Cups

Long after the Greeks, John Wesley founded the Methodist church in the 1700s and continued the tradition of the trophy cup. Well, it wasn't exactly a trophy. But, it was definitely a cup.

The "loving cup was passed around at "loving feasts" that the original Methodist church would hold for the community. Friends and neighbors would gather around a simple meal of bread and water and pass the loving cup around to share the drink. That's where the "ox-eye" handle design came from — handles made it much easier to pass the water from person to person.

Some believe that Wesley was inspired by traditional wedding cups, such as the French coupe de marriage, when creating his loving cup. The French cup is a wider, shorter version of the familiar trophy cup design we know today. Even its usage was similar to Wesley's: the cup was passed around during toasts at the wedding banquet or other ceremonies.


For Commemoration

Most historians concede that trophy cups were used as trophies in the modern sense sometime in the 18th century. It was probably around the same time Wesley developed his loving cup! Ever since then, the goblet design with handles on either side has been synonymous with victory. Whether it's the Stanley Cup or the fictional House Cup from the Harry Potter universe, the reception of a trophy cup is always met with joyous celebration.


The Big Question: Are They Better?

Trophy cups clearly have a lot of history behind them — more than you probably thought they could! But does that history make them better than modern trophy designs?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Let's explore a few reasons you might choose a trophy cup over a human or animal design.


It's A Cup!

For casual celebrations, you could fill the trophy cup with goodies like candy and confetti. Victory has never been sweeter!


Widespread Appeal

Trophy cups are perfect for everybody, regardless of age, event, or gender. Rather than trying to find trophies to meet every occasion or person's unique specifications, get custom cup trophies instead. The message it communicates is loud and clear: "You Won And You're A Rockstar For It!"


Keeping With Tradition

The trophy cup is the most traditional form of trophy, so anyone who receives it will recognize the honor behind it. The onlookers who spot the trophy on its coveted shelf or desk spot will recognize it, too.


Premium Options

While many trophy cups are made of affordable materials like resin, there are still plenty of premium options available for prestigious occasions. Several of K2's own trophy cups are made of metal and sit atop high-quality bases — all customizable, of course!


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