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When you think of trophies, you probably think of metal, right? You might be surprised to learn that many trophies today are actually made of synthetic resin (a form of plastic). The material is so popular, in fact, that we have a whole page dedicated to resin soccer trophies.

Here are the top 3 reasons you might want to choose resin soccer trophies over other materials.

1. Resin Soccer Trophies Are More Affordable

Compared to metal or crystal, resin is much cheaper, but it still looks professional. You can even get resin soccer trophies that look like metal. So you get the best of both worlds. Be sure to check our soccer trophy sale page for ultra cheap soccer trophies.

2. Resin Is Especially Durable

This point is especially relevant when you’re talking about soccer trophies for young kids. You wouldn’t want to give them glass or crystal, which could easily break. And even acrylic or metal can be easily scratched. Plus, why spend the extra money when they’ll love resin soccer trophies just as much?

3. Resin Means More Design Options

With resin soccer trophies, there are infinite possibilities. So you can find a wide variety of options with unique features, including colors that wouldn’t be possible with other materials.

Of course, your choice ultimately depends on your preference and budget. You could even get resin soccer trophies for the players and a different award for the coach. As long as you order from a reliable source, you can’t go wrong.

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