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Celebrate a Winning Season with Custom Soccer Medals

At the end of a great soccer season, coaches and parents often choose to commemorate the accomplishments of their players with kids soccer medals. This is a great way to help players, coaches, and parents remember the fun times, dedication, and teamwork that went into the season.

What Should An Engraved Soccer Medal Say?

Whether they are gold soccer medals, superstar soccer medals for exceptional players or participation awards for the whole team, personalized, cheap soccer medals can become favorite keepsakes. But deciding on the perfect message to engrave on a medal can be difficult. Without a little guidance, the message engraved on a customized soccer medal can fall short or come across as insincere.

What Is The Medal For?

Think about what the personalized soccer medal is celebrating. Did your soccer team win the championship? Is the medal to commemorate the player who scored the most goals? Are they participation medals to help each member of the team remember the season? The message on a custom engraved soccer medal should reflect what you want to celebrate.

Keep It Simple

The best engraved medals contain short and sweet messages. While long, congratulatory messages may be perfect for speeches and letters, the message engraved on a soccer medal need to be short, memorable, and to the point. Something like a team motto or some simple words of congratulations or thanks are great for an engraved message.

Be Sincere

No matter what you write on your personalized soccer medal, always remember to be sincere. A heartfelt message will be more meaningful and memorable to the team. Trying to overstate or minimize a team’s achievements for the season or a specific player’s performance can cheapen the message.

Personalize the Message

It may sound obvious, but this piece of advice is often overlooked. Make sure you include the name of the team, player, or coach being recognized on the custom soccer medal. You may also want to include the year or date of the achievement.

Here Are Some Examples of Engraved Messages to Use on Custom Soccer Medals:

1st Place Champions

2022 After-School League
Raleigh Cowboys
”Giddyup Rough Riders!”

2022 North Coast Soccer League

Congratulations, Team Wildcats for a Great Season!

Danny Henderson

Orange City Lightning
2022 Season - Most Goals Scored

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