unusual trophy for volleyball game

Every player on your volleyball team is special in their own way. When it comes time to reward your players for all their hard work, make sure the volleyball trophies are just as unique as they are. Check out our top five volleyball award ideas for some inspiration when looking for volleyball trophies with personality.

glow in the dark volleyball trophy

Glow in the Dark Volleyball Trophy

In the market for volleyball trophies that will thrill the whole team? Kids will fall in love with this fun Glow in the Dark Volleyball Trophy. This detailed award features a hand ready to spike the ball, with a net in the background and a striking lightning bolt in the foreground. Simply place the trophy in the light for 30 minutes to charge.

spinner volleyball trophy

3-Star Spinner Volleyball Trophy

After a successful season, why not reward your players with a unique volleyball trophy as impressive as they are? This 3-Star Spinner Volleyball Trophy is sure to wow any player. With a life-like spinning volleyball surrounded by shimmering shooting stars, this trophy is one to be shown off.

volleyball crystal

3D Volleyball Sports Crystal Trophy

The elegant design and solid feel of the 3D Volleyball Sports Crystal Trophy (available in both male and female designs) makes it a standout among the rest. This prestigious award, with a special laser-engraved design, is perfect to honor your top player of the season or even to surprise your dedicated volleyball coach.

silver volleyball trophy

Silver Motion Star Volleyball Trophy

For an ultra-unique, participation volleyball trophy, it doesn’t get more stellar than the Silver Motion Star Volleyball Trophy. This sleek resin trophy features a cool 3D-motion graphic design great for players of all ages.

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