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This awards season, present your team with swimming trophies that are sure to “make a splash”! Listed below are a few of our most unique trophies in our swimming catalogue. Whether they’re classy or just plain cool, your swimmers are going to be excited to earn them.

Glow In The Dark Swim Trophy

This swim trophy will have your swimmers glowing with pride — literally! It lets their achievements shine day and night. Give it to a swimmer who stood out in a certain event, or who really strove to improve their skills this season.

Triple Star Spin Swimming Insert Trophy

This swimming award is doubly customizable! On top of being able to engrave the award name to the front plaque, you can also insert a photo of the swimmer you’re awarding. This is perfect for commemorating a record-breaking time in their event, or their outstanding work at meets and during practice.

Swimming Optical Crystal Award

If you’d like to go modern or super-classy with your swimming or diving trophy, look no further than the optical crystal award! Perhaps this sleek award could be given to someone who has honed and perfected their stroke style over the course of the season. The choice is yours!

These stand-out trophies are perfect for honoring the achievements of your one-of-a-kind team. Find them and plenty of other swimming trophies, awards, and medals in our full swimming award catalogue!

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