resin soccer trophies for soccer game participants

Bored by traditional soccer trophy designs? With resin soccer trophies — made from a versatile form of plastic -- there are so many possibilities, you can score some major creativity points with your team.

Check out these five ideas.

1. Rich Colors And Glossy Finishes

If you love the shine of a traditional metal trophy but also love bold color, resin soccer trophies may be for you. For example, check out this Black And Gold Wing Soccer Trophy. It’s hard to ignore how well those contrasting colors “pop.”

2. Complex Colors And Textures

Resin soccer trophies also allow for a lot of nuance. Just look at this Sapphire Soccer Award. The intricate detailing of the soccer net, shoe and ball design; the realistic marble pattern; the crisp gold and black fields — they’re all one seamless piece.

3. Unique Shapes At Affordable Prices

Want something specific to the sport and far from ordinary? Try this Color Tek Soccer Trophy, or browse our other designs. This is just one example of the impressive yet affordable 3D shapes you can get with resin soccer trophies.

4. Moving Parts

The sport of soccer is full of motion, and resin soccer trophies let you capture some of the action rather literally. For instance, consider the Spin Resin Soccer Trophy. The soccer ball at the bottom can actually rotate on its axis.

5. Glow In The Dark Features

That’s right. You can get resin soccer trophies that actually glow. Talk about making the recipient’s face light up. Sound interesting? See it for yourself with this Glow In The Dark Soccer Trophy.

Remember To Customize Your Resin Soccer Trophies

The finishing touch on any soccer trophy is the personalized engraving. And when you buy from K2 Awards, engraving is always free.

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