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The success of your business is largely due to the dedication and hard work of your employees. Without them, you wouldn’t have gotten this far. Recognizing team members with awards like employee of the month is an excellent way to show your appreciation and publicly praise outstanding achievements within your business. Finding the perfect employee appreciation award, however, can be a challenge. Should you give your top performers a personalized award? Should you use an employee recognition plaque or trophy?

Key differences between trophies and plaques include:

  • Trophies:
  • Doesn’t Take Up Wall Space
  • Can Be Rotated Among Employees Each Month
  • Has More Unique Designs & Materials to Pick
  • Plaques:
  • Doesn’t Have to Take Up Desk Space
  • Custom Gift That Won't Break the Bank
  • Has More Versatile Display Options

The Benefits Of Choosing An Employee Recognition Trophy:

1. Doesn’t Take Up Wall Space - If you don’t have wall space to spare, you will probably want to choose employee recognition trophy instead of a plaque. Unlike most employee recognition plaques, trophies are freestanding and can sit on desks, shelves or any flat surface.

2. Can Be Rotated Among Employees Each Month - Instead of purchasing a new individual employee recognition plaque or adding a nameplate to a perpetual plaque each month, you can simply purchase one visually stunning award and rotate it among your employees. A coveted employee appreciation award can create a little fun competition as your employees strive to win the award and proudly display it on their desk for a month.

3. Has More Unique Designs & Materials to Pick - If you want custom employee gifts that are fun, unique or stunningly beautiful, you may want to consider an employee recognition trophy. Materials and designs are more limited when using plaques, while employee of the month trophies can be made out of crystal, glass or acrylic and shaped into a wide variety of unique designs.

The Benefits Of Choosing An Employee Recognition Plaque:

1. Doesn’t Have to Take Up Desk Space - If your office has limited desk space, employee recognition plaques may be a smart choice. Trophies will unnecessarily take up your employees’ desk space while plaques can be hung on open walls without getting in the way of day-to-day operations.

2. Conveys Personal Achievement Without Breaking the Bank - Purchasing a new custom employee appreciation award each month may be out of your budget, but you can still recognize your team. If you want to reward your top performers with a custom employee gift each month, personalized plaques are often a more affordable alternative. Moreover, you can buy one perpetual plaque with twelve nameplates and display it on a shared wall all year. Your engraved message can be personalized based on each employee’s particular achievements

3. Has More Versatile Display Options - Some employee recognition plaques can be both freestanding and hung on a wall. This gives the recipient more freedom to either use their desk or wall space as they see fit. Employee recognition trophies, on the other hand, are only freestanding and must be placed on a flat surface to be displayed.

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