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Give your athletes something to be proud of at your next end-of-season awards ceremony. Football medals are the perfect way to make everyone feel included while also recognizing each team member's unique contributions. Let's explore some classic and versatile football medals that your players can keep as mementos of another great season.

wreath football medal

Whether you're coming up with youth football award ideas or planning a college awards ceremony, the Star Wreath Football Medal should be part of your list. This classic design features a football and helmet surrounded by a wreath and stars. You can also engrave up to four lines of text on the football medal's backside, which is a great opportunity for high-level personalization. Customize the ribbon to suit your needs as well!

super star football medal

Give these Super Star Football Medals to all your athletic superstars. This award's design includes a football in the center of a star with a circular backdrop. It's classy and elegant, perfect for rewarding high school students' hard work on and off the field. There are plenty of ribbon options to choose from, so on top of the personalization on the back of the medal, you can choose your school's colors as opposed to the standard red, white and blue pattern.

wreath football medal

If you're looking for football award ideas that are classic to the core, the Wreath Football Medal is a touchdown. As the name implies, a wreath frames the center scene of two football players trying to tackle a third, with the stands and goal post in the background. The medal is 2.75 inches wide, making it a huge award for your players' even bigger accomplishments!

premier football medal

If you prefer football medals with sleek, modern designs, the Premier Football Medal should be at the top of your list. You can choose from gold, silver or bronze if you want to categorize awards at your next ceremony, such as special honors or to distinguish varsity from junior varsity. You can even personalize each award with backside engravings of names or award titles.

victory football medal

Need special football award ideas to celebrate your team's big victory? There's nothing better for the task than the Big Victory Football Medal. Another large medal, this pendant features four V's pointing inward to a football and helmet with goal posts in the background. Use the custom engraving option to add the victory title and date on the football medal's backside. The event will be truly unforgettable.

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At K2 Awards, we have plenty of other classic and modern football medals to aid in your search for football award ideas. You can also go for the two-point conversion and check out our customizable football trophies, plaques and more.

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