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Whether it’s an awards ceremony for a youth soccer team or a joke award for a friend at the office, there are plenty of cheap trophies out there to make the moment special. The amount of options can be overwhelming, so we’ve whittled our list down to a few suggestions to get you started.

Torch Star Insert Place Trophy

The detail on this trophy makes it look anything but cheap! Trophies like the Torch Star Insert Place Trophy are perfect for sports events or even just for game night. You can customize the engraving on the round base and also add a sticker to the insert space to indicate place — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or last.

Victory Cup Insert Trophy

This cheap trophy option would be perfect for honoring the winner of a 5K race or even just the person with the most Halloween spirit! On top of looking great, the sticker inserts for the Victory Cup Insert Trophy make it customizable for close to every occasion. You could easily buy these in bulk, customize them for a variety of occasions, and save them for future use, all while saving money — we have discounted bulk rates for set quantities of trophies!

Insert Turbine Trophy

This cheap trophy could be used for a wide variety of events, both because of the customizable sticker inserts and the unique turbine shape. The Insert Turbine Trophy would be the perfect addition to anyone’s trophy mantle, or even just on their desk.

There are plenty of other cheap trophies to choose from in our full selection! Check out trophies for sports, for businesses, and even just for kicks.

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