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Need to recognize the top-performing players and teams from your soccer league? Choosing the right trophy can be difficult with all of the available soccer trophy options.

Classic trophies are the usual go-to option. Often the time-tested soccer trophy cup is used to showcase a team’s success during a season. Other trophies can be small or large to help display individual awards.

K2 Awards offers a vast array of meaningful and low-cost trophy designs, all with free unlimited engraving. Don’t settle for any cheap soccer trophies when you can get quality, affordable soccer trophies that will be significant to the recipient(s).

We have compiled a list of the best soccer trophies in terms of design, quality, customer preference and affordability.

1. Glow in the Dark Soccer Trophy

Silver soccer trophy

The Glow In The Dark Soccer Trophy is an especially fun option among youth soccer trophies. This hand-painted 6-inch resin trophy really glows in the dark! The main design features include a soccer ball, soccer cleat and lightning bolt. Each feature has parts that glow neon yellow-green in the dark.

2. World Cup Soccer Trophy

world cup soccer trophy

The World Cup Soccer Trophy is a K2 Awards & Apparel exclusive to help celebrate the end of your season as if it were the World Cup. Various international flags cover the base of the trophy to give this award its unique soccer trophy cup style.

3. 3-Star Spinner Soccer Trophy

soccer trophy with stars

This 3-Star Spinner Soccer Trophy soccer ball trophy is a unique award an added surprise. At 6.5”, the trophy features a three-star design cascaded behind a soccer ball — which actually spins! Purchase this affordable trophy to add an exclamation to the end of your season.

4. Little Buddy Soccer Trophy

soccer trophy litte buddy

If you’re looking for young kids’ soccer trophies, the Little Buddy Soccer Trophy is perfect. The friendly character helps capture the fun and excitement of participating in youth soccer.

5. Soccer Spirals Trophy

spiral soccer trophy

The dramatic Soccer Spirals Trophy is a great choice for any soccer award. The soccer ball top with its spiraling tail as the base form a sophisticated look that players of all ages can appreciate.

6. Black and Gold Wing Soccer Trophy

black and gold trophy

The prestigious Black and Gold Wing Soccer Trophy comes in three sizes: 6.5 inches, 7.25 inches or 8.25 inches tall. Consider a larger version for individual award winners and a smaller version for other participants.

7. Banner Soccer Trophy

soccer trophy with banner

The 7-inch Banner Soccer Trophy features a silver banner with gold stars wrapped around a soccer ball feature. The die-cut star shapes help make it a fun way to celebrate a soccer achievement.

8. Standard Soccer Trophy

soccer trophy with kicker

The 6-inch Standard Soccer Trophy is a classic award that can be given at any level, whether you need a youth soccer trophy or an adult league award. This design features a realistic player mid-shot, depicting the action at the heart the sport. Its versatility makes this trophy a great option when buying in bulk!

9. Victory Scene Soccer Trophy

v soccer trophy

Did your team just score a Victory with a capital “V”? Then the Victory Scene Soccer Trophy is one you will love. It’s small but weighty and easily displayed at home.

Looking for the Best Soccer Trophies?

K2 Awards is committed to offering the best deals on soccer trophies. When you take advantage of our bulk discounts, you can buy more and save!

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