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There are few feelings as satisfying as guiding a group of people to victory. No matter the nature of your team’s achievements - no matter whether they were in sports, business, academics or some other field - every one of its members deserves a commemoration of the effort they put in towards pulling the group towards its goal. And though you’d like to get trophies for your team, you’re not sure if you’ll be able to find them in a style they’ll enjoy at a price you can afford. At K2 Awards, we pride ourselves on offering affordable team trophies in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles for a wide variety of activities. By reading this guide, we hope you’ll get a better idea of how to navigate our massive selection in search of the trophy that perfectly celebrates your team’s achievements.

Sports Trophies

The nature of the trophy one should buy for a sports team is going to depend not only on the sport in question but also whether they participated in a youth or adult league. A group of kids celebrating their winning season, for example, may not appreciate the same kind of trophy awarded to a championship beer pong team.

Let’s start with trophies for kids, using baseball for an example. Since K2 Awards has literally hundreds of styles of baseball trophies available (most of which cost less than ten dollars each), there’ll almost certainly be one within the category that’ll work beautifully as end-of-season gifts for each of your little sluggers. But let’s say that you’d like to go the extra mile - let’s say that you’d like to celebrate a championship with a shared trophy, or perhaps you’d like to pay special recognition to the team MVP. Our Giant Three-Post Baseball Trophy offers exceptional, display-case ready grandeur, while our Elegant Baseball Column Trophy will look terrific on the shelf of the proud kid that helped guide your team to victory. 

As far as trophies for adults go...well, we weren’t kidding about the beer pong trophies. That said, we also offer trophies for grown-up teams celebrating more athletic achievements. If your squad emerged from the field without so much as a splat on them, then perhaps they’ve earned a paintball trophy that honors their exceptional teamwork. Maybe your squad prefers boats over bullets; if that’s the case, then these crew trophies will look great held in the tired arms of every rower on your team. Keep in mind too that every trophy we offer free unlimited engraving with every trophy we sell, making it easy to customize each award for every member of your team no matter their sport.

Academic Trophies

Though achievement in academics doesn’t often come accompanied by the roar of an appreciative crowd, said achievement is just as worthy of commemoration as any sporting victory. Have you led a squad of mathletes to victory, or guided budding thespians through a successful production? Perhaps you’d like to celebrate that the members of your school’s spelling bee team whomped the rest of the district. No matter what the academic accomplishment, we at K2 Awards believe that any group of people dedicated towards a common goal should be considered a team and that their achievements when working together are deserving of commemoration. That’s why we offer academic trophies in fields ranging from art to science, from music to math. Remember, giving a trophy isn’t just about celebrating achievement; it’s about encouraging the recipient to strive for even greater heights. After all, the trophy you give a budding scientist when they’re young might one day share shelf space with a Nobel Prize.

Business Trophies

Because these are typically awarded in more professional environments, our business trophies are designed to celebrate your team’s achievements with equal measures of dignity and class. That’s not, of course, to say that our trophies are staid or boring. On the contrary - a quick look at our selection of glass awards reveals a selection of stunning models, fourteen of which start at under twenty dollars to make recognizing individual achievement affordable no matter the size of your team.

As with sports, however, you may be interested in instead selecting a shared trophy for your team or in recognizing the outstanding contributions of an individual member. Our glass awards category also boasts models like our gorgeous Celebration Glass Art Sculpture, a monument to achievement that the members of your team can look on with pride for years to come. Similarly magnificent models are also available in our crystal, acrylic, and plaque categories. Let’s say that you’re interested in something to hang in your office’s waiting room so that guests and employees alike can be made aware of your team’s achievements. If that’s the case, your best bet may be our Elegant Perpetual Name Plaque, which comes in 12-plate and 24-plate varieties. By having the names of your team engraved on these plates, you’re telling the world that they played a significant part in the development of your company’s storied history.


Teams take on all shapes and sizes and have an infinite number of pursuits. The one common thread that binds them is that their members deserve recognition for a job well done. That’s the belief that drives K2 Awards to offer an incredible selection of customizable awards at incredible prices; we want every team leader out there to be able to show their appreciation for their team’s exceptional effort. If you have any further questions about ordering team trophies - or are curious to learn more about the industry-leading customizability we offer for every trophy we sell - please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

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