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Another exciting swim season has come to a close for your team. At your end-of-year swimming awards celebration, make sure you’re able to celebrate all of your team’s achievements. Whether your swimmers broke records or went above and beyond to encourage each other, they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Fastest Freestyle

Have a swimmer who’s breaking records or is particularly fast at their stroke of choice? Give them the Flame Swim Trophy for their speediness.

"Flyest" Fly Stroke

If you’re looking to award the swimmer with the “flyest” fly stroke, the Victory Wing Swimming Trophy is perfect for you! You can take customization a step further with this trophy by adding a picture of them in action.

Most Improved

The Rising Star Swimming Trophy could be given to someone who may not be setting records (yet), but has improved the most dramatically during the season. Let them know that their efforts are recognized and encourage them to continue growing as an athlete!

Best Breaststroke

Chances are, there’s definitely a standout breaststroke swimmer on your team. Make them proud of their amazing breaststroke season with the Five Star Oval Swimming Award, available in both male and female styles.

Best Backstroke

Just like with the “best breaststroke” award, you could award others for their amazing work as well. Try out the SuperStar Swimming Trophy to show your swimmer how proud you are of their accomplishment.

Medley Master

Does your swimming team have a medley master? Present them with the Ultra Action Swimming Trophy to commemorate their skillfulness on the relay team.

Most Meters Covered

The super-customizable Champion Cup Swimming Trophy is perfect for the swimmer on your team with the most endurance of them all. If you need a trophy to commemorate “most meters covered” by a swimmer, the champion cup is the way to go!

Most Dedicated

Sometimes it isn’t speed or mastery that makes a swimmer stand out, but rather their dedication to the team and to improving their skills. Acknowledge this swimmer’s efforts with the Super Star Swimming Medal.

Best Team Spirit

Every team has an unofficial cheerleader that boosts everyone’s morale. Let this person know that their endless encouragement is greatly appreciated with the Star Wreath Swimming Medal.

Sportsmanship Award

A true athlete knows who to handle both victories and defeats with grace. Honor this person with the Star Circle Swimming Medal and give the entire team an example to look up to.

These are just a few swim team award ideas to get you started. There are plenty of other ways to customize awards and let your team know that you think their skills are coming along “swimmingly!” Browse our full selection of swimming awards today!

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