Kids’ softball is meant to be fun, so shouldn’t kids’ softball awards be fun, too? We think so! Don’t settle for just any softball trophy; we’ve got plenty of options that are anything but boring. Here are a few ideas that are sure to make little athletes smile.

buddy softball trophy

1. Little Buddy Softball Trophy

She’s just too adorable not to love. And at 4” tall, the Little Buddy Softball Trophy is a great keepsake that will make kids happy without leaving their parents to wonder where to put it.

softball trophy dude

2. Softball Trophy Dude

To be fair, it could be a dudette. Either way, this softball trophy is a riot. The arms are even posable! Put it in any victory stance, or set him up to ask for high-fives.

little pal softball trohpy

3. Little Pal Softball Trophy

This is clearly not your ordinary softball trophy. And for really young players, it’s better. The Little Pal Softball Trophy just oozes joy, and it’s contagious.

silver motion softball trophy

4. Silver Motion Star Softball Trophy

Bright colors aren’t the only thing that makes this softball trophy exciting. The Silver Motion Star Softball Trophy is printed with 3D motion graphics, which seem to literally pop off the background and even move!

glow in the dark softball trophy

5. Glow In The Dark Softball Trophy

That’s right, it really glows! Just place this softball award in the light for 30 minutes, then flip off the switch and watch it shine. It’s sure to make your little ones’ faces light up, too.

spinner softball trophy

6. Sponge Spinner Softball Trophy

The softball part of the Sponge Spinner Softball Trophy actually spins on its axis, just like a globe. This one is a hit with kids of all ages.

bright wreath insert medal

7. Bright Wreath Insert Softball Medal

Who says softball trophies are the only way to go? Softball medals are another great choice. This Bright Wreath Insert Softball Medal is extremely popular. The front can be customized with one of many existing designs, or you can even add your own!

softball plaque

8. Softball Silhouette Plaque

Want a softball award that players can hang on the wall instead of setting on a shelf? Softball plaques are the answer. This Softball Silhouette Plaque is especially great for young kids.

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