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Looking to buy an impressive trophy or award to round out the soccer season? The K2 Awards online trophy offers a wide range of customizable and affordable soccer trophies. There are so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to choose. This guide can help you purchase the perfect trophy. If you still need assistance during the buying process, the K2 Awards team offers personal customer service.

If you’re not sure how to start your trophy selection process, you’re in the right place. Find some guidance below based on your answers to the following questions.

What’s the award for?

Almost every league has a championship trophy for the winning team, and this award often takes the form of a soccer trophy cup. But you also may want to give out other soccer trophies to individual players or coaches in the league.

If you’re looking for MVP trophies, you can find options that show an individual soccer player in action. For general achievement trophies, there are options with stars or soccer balls as the feature. If you’re hosting a tournament or looking to award players for their participation, a soccer medal would be appropriate. You might even choose a soccer award plaque to honor a team’s coach for their efforts during the season.

What style of trophy do I prefer?

Soccer trophies come in a vast variety of styles. The main points of trophy style come down to the following:


A keepsake trophy is appropriate for smaller awards, but for a big league or tournament, you’ll want to make a more significant impression. Make sure to think about where the trophy is displayed and the level of competitiveness the league has.

Trophy size is not going to make or break an awards ceremony, but sometimes bigger I more impressive. The good news is that the K2 Awards online trophy shop has affordable trophies that are a foot tall or larger. In fact, they’re often in the same price range as much smaller trophies.


Trophies used to be expensive, as many were made of more precious metals such as gold or silver. Fortunately, other materials, such as plastic and resin, now make it possible to find much more affordable trophies. With so many options available, the choice comes down to preference and overall pricing. When considering materials, think about the significance of the soccer trophy or how it will be displayed.


Though the material is often a more important factor when buying trophies, the color goes hand-in-hand. The material may well determine a soccer trophy’s color, but many plastic and resin soccer trophies offer features or sections that can include non-traditional colors.

What should the soccer trophy say?

Trophies don’t usually leave much room for engraving, as it’s not needed. Keep the length of your message in mind when choosing a trophy.

Are you ordering a soccer trophy for an individual or an entire team? If you’re honoring the whole team, you might want a perpetual base trophy, which features multiple metal plates. This way you can engrave the names of all the various players and coaches.

If ordering for an individual, keep in mind what the award is for. If the player wins “Defensive Player of the Year” or another specific achievement, make sure the trophy base has enough room for the name of the award.

Keeping these themes in mind, you can choose the right soccer trophy with confidence. Need further assistance choosing a trophy? Contact our team!

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