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Singers, whether they’re in choir, drama club, musical theater or all three, work extremely hard all show season long. It’s nice to recognize and reward their hard work and talent. And today, there’s a singing trophy available for every budget and every accomplishment.

Starter Singing Trophy

Whether a seasoned singer or someone who’s just starting out, the music note trophy is perfect for musicians of all skill levels. With a beautiful shine and elegant design, this singing trophy is sure to be a hit.

Soloist-Worthy Singing Trophy

Have a singer with a voice that cuts through the rest and is always worthy of a solo? When show season comes to a close, it’s nice to reward those who’ve worked hard or those who’ve honed their singing talent with a choir trophy. The vintage microphone trophy and the pewter finish microphone trophy are both unique, featuring incredibly detailed microphones. Either of these awards would be perfect for those with impressive vocal talents.

Ultimate Superstar Singing Trophy

When a student accomplishes a once-in-a-lifetime singing achievement, it’s nice to honor them with a music achievement award. The optical crystal microphone award is made of beautiful solid crystal and will leave any recipient awe-struck.

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