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There are a lot of advantages to resin soccer trophies.

They’re usually much more affordable than metal trophies. They’re exceptionally durable. And they create a lot of design possibilities.

In fact, if you prefer the look of metal soccer trophies but are on a budget, some resin soccer trophies can provide a similar look without the high price tag. Make sure to check out our entire offering of cheap soccer trophies on our soccer trophy sale page.

Here are a few examples of resin soccer trophies that look like real metal.

column soccer trophy

1. Victory Column Soccer Trophy

For those who love the look of bronze and a classic trophy design, the Victory Column Soccer Trophy is a wonderful choice. It’s a nice, heavy option that looks and feels authentic.

You can also get multiple sizes of these resin soccer trophies, which makes it simple to recognize various levels of accomplishments.

silver soccer trophy

2. World Champion Resin Soccer Trophy

Simple and sleek, the World Champion Soccer Resin is one of our most versatile resin soccer trophies.

It offers the look of pewter and a nice, solid feel. It’s also available in two sizes: 9.5 inches and 14 inches.

checkmate soccer trophy

3. Player Figure Resin Soccer Trophies

Want your trophies to convey the prestige of metal awards AND the intensity of the game? Try the Female Checkmate Soccer Trophy or Male Checkmate Soccer Trophy.

Both versions depict a player in action with impressive detail. At 6.5 inches tall, they’re a nice size to give anyone and everyone on the team.

Engrave Your Resin Soccer Trophies For Free

Make your soccer awards more personal with custom engraving, like the name of each player and what they accomplished. With K2 Awards, customization is completely free.

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