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Track awards are a great way to highlight performance both on and off the track. Whether you have someone on the team who deserves to be celebrated for their sportsmanship, camaraderie, or because they performed exceptionally, we have a track trophy for you.

You can always find our classic track trophies and awards, such as the motion track female trophy, motion track male trophy, or the simple Star Wreath Track Medal. But today we want to bring to you some fun ideas that are a little more outside the box!

track trophy with stars

Spinning Track Trophy

Track athletes are always moving, so why shouldn't their track trophy? The Triple Star Spin Track Insert Trophy is the perfect choice to celebrate that athlete who can't seem to sit still or competes in every event. Along with a personalized engraving, this unique track award also gives you the option to design your own sticker, so you can choose the perfect photo or a team logo!

glow in the dark track trophy

Glow In The Dark Track Awards

There's always that person on the team that seems to do nothing but practice, and now there's a trophy befitting to them! Celebrate those runners who seem to never sleep with a Glow In The Dark Track Trophy! This fun trophy will glow in their room at night when they do finally put their head down, reminding them of their accomplishments. This track award is a great way to (literally) highlight the work ethic you’ve seen in your team.

track dog tag

Track Dog Tag Award

Maybe your runners made it through the first week of conditioning, or perhaps you just want to celebrate the veterans of the sport, like the seniors on the team. The Track Dog Tag is a great way for athletes to show off their accomplishments around the school or at the next meet! The custom engraving option allows you to choose exactly what you want to be highlighted, and this unique and quirky track medal will help to build team spirit as they proudly display it around their neck!

These are just a few of the fun track trophy and award ideas available. Browse all of your options today, and start building spirit on your team!

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