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Think of the last time you noticed a plaque. Perhaps it was hung up in a lobby waiting room or displayed proudly in a home office. Regardless of the environment, it's almost certain that the plaque caught your attention by standing out from its surroundings, and in doing so commanded the recognition earned by those whose names had been immortalized upon it. At the time, you might have thought that, should you ever get the opportunity, you'd like it if you could recognize the achievements of a co-worker, friend, or family member in a similarly subtle yet powerful way. If the time has come for you to do just that - or if you're so surrounded by terrific people that you want to be prepared for when that day eventually comes - you'll want to read on to learn more about the wide variety of exceptional plaques offered by K2 Awards.

Economy Plaques

At K2 Awards, we believe that everyday triumphs are worth recognizing. We also, however, believe that you don't have to break the bank in order to do so. That's why we offer economy plaques as low as $7.49 a piece, prices that get even lower when you order in bulk. Those looking for something classic yet classy may find what they need in our Traditional Economy Plaque. Though striking in its default color configuration, this plaque can also be ordered in one of any number of finish and metal combinations; you can even customize the size to ensure that it fits in the trophy case of the recipient. The best part, however, may be its remarkably low price. At costs this low, you can afford to give each member of a team or department an individual recognition (customized with each of their names, no less) of their contribution to a collective success.


If you need something affordable but a little more upscale, our Vintage Cherry Plaque may be more your speed. Its laser-engraved, black metal plate is set against a rich cherry finish which is outlined with a stark black border, all the elements combining to create a plague that's as professional as it is stylish. As with all our awards, the engraving on this plaque can be customized to include as much text as can fit on the plate, giving you the opportunity to include a personal message to the individual whose achievement the plaque commemorates.

Premium Plaques

Everyday achievement is great, but every so often an individual or team pulls together for an accomplishment that makes other people proud just to be associated with them. For moments like that, nothing less than a premium plaque will do. Take, for example, the pride that radiates off of our Genuine Walnut Shield Plaque. As the name suggests, the base of this plaque is made of 100% pure walnut that's been glossed with a classic satin finish. That shine serves as a magnificent setting for a shield-shaped plate that features a distinct black and gold outline. Any individual or team that receives this would no doubt feel that their hard work has truly been recognized.

Those that have truly gone above and beyond, however, deserve an award that symbolizes the sense of ownership they've earned as a contributing member of your business or institution. For these cases, we recommend our Mounted Key Plaque or our Gold Key on Cherry Wood Plaque. Both feature ornate keys on rich backgrounds of real wood, and both send the message to the recipient that they have, through their dedication, truly become part of something larger and greater than themselves.

Perpetual Plaques

Plaques aren't just for teams or individuals; they can also be used to commemorate consistent dedication towards an institution or idea. Our perpetual plaques were created just for this purpose. Are you in charge of presenting a new annual award that you hope will be distributed for many years to come? You can display your faith in the ideas that inform the spirit of that award by investing in a Premium Walnut Legendary Plate, whose expansive surface holds room for (depending on the chosen size) a whopping 48 or 60 nameplates. Imagine the smile that'll come over the face of your recipient when they see that their name will be the first etched onto such a stunning plaque. They know that they're setting the standard for a tradition of excellence that will continue for decades to come.


There's no rule, however, that says that you can't buy a plaque and fill up all its nameplates at once. Those who'd like to recognize a team of high achievers might instead be interested in our Elegant Perpetual Name Plaque or our Rosewood Perpetual Name Plaque. Both offer 12 name plates set against rich wooden backgrounds, and both exhibit the sort of elegance and professionalism you'd expect of an award hung proudly and prominently on the wall of a successful business or institution. That success, after all, was thanks in part to the people you're recognizing; it only makes sense that visitors and partners be aware of their irreplaceable contributions.


Some people might try to tell you that plaques are corny or outdated, that they belong to the generation that was rewarded with a wristwatch for working at the same job for 40 years. We at K2 Awards, however, feel that plaques are a timeless, classy, and powerful way to show your appreciation for a job well done. The effort you put into selecting the right plaque and customizing it to fit the individual's contributions will come back to you in spades. Not only will you get to enjoy the look of pure appreciation that comes over them when they receive their plaque, you'll also be able to see them respond to the recognition by doubling their commitment to the team, business, institution or idea to which they've been so valuable. If you have any further questions about selecting just the right plaque, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives.

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