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It feels great to give out an award, to see the pride and happiness of its recipient in their moment of celebration and recognition. As a business owner or manager, you've likely been lucky enough to experience that sensation many times over. But as enjoyable as it is to pat others on the back, sometimes it can be just as nice to take care of yourself. Though it might be fun to give yourself an award, there are ways to reward your hard work that won't earn you strange looks from your coworkers and colleagues. At K2 Awards, we pride ourselves on offering the broadest online selection of exceptional, customizable awards - and we're also proud of our catalog of fun and thoughtful gifts, any of which could be used to personalize your office. If you're ready to treat yourself - or just wish to make your workspace a little more comfortable - then read on to learn more about some of the best items in our extensive catalog of personalizable gifts.

Picture Frames

One of the drawbacks of being a successful businessperson is that your job often takes up the time that you could be spending with your loved ones. Though you may not always be able to make it home on time, a framed picture can help you to keep your friends and family in your thoughts even when you're burning the midnight oil. At K2 Awards, we feel that the special memories captured in your pictures deserve an equally special frame - that's why we offer our premium picture frames in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and customization options so that you can find the perfect showcase for every picture in your collection.

Imagine how great your family photos will look when contained in our stately walnut picture frame, which have both 4x6 frame and 5x7 frame options. Its ability to be hung or stood on your desk allow you to place the frame anywhere in your office, and the frame itself can be engraved for free with a reminder of where the photo was taken or a heartfelt message to the loved ones within it.

Those who'd like to commemorate a triumphant moment at work may instead prefer our curved glass picture frame. The extra space offered by this frame allows you to have your company's logo or slogan engraved upon it for free, making it the perfect vessel for any photo that captures you and your team coming together in a moment of earned success.

Desk Clocks

Desk clocks have endured as a classic piece of office furniture in spite of the fact that we're now pretty much always aware of exactly what time it is. Though it's nice that they have a function beyond looking good, the real appeal of a desk clock is in the air of professionalism and class they add to an office. Those are the words that may come to mind when you look at our premium rosewood book clock, which we offer as either 5.25-inch book clock or 7.5-inch book clock. Its stunning, glossy finish is complemented beautifully by the gold color of its inset clock of the engraving used to emboss the adjacent black plate.

If the wood doesn't mesh with your office, you might be more interested in one of our exceptional glass or crystal desk clocks. The understated elegance of our premier crystal clock will catch the eye of any office visitor, while the striking design of our glass desk clock makes it the perfect centerpiece for any stylish workplace. Remember that all of these models come with free customization, giving you the opportunity to engrave their included plates with a self-motivating message or a reminder to spend your time wisely.

Wine Kits

Though the days of drinking on the clock have come and gone, there's nothing wrong with having a nice bottle of wine in the office for when you need an after-hours relaxer or something with which to celebrate your latest professional triumph. Instead of hiding that bottle in a desk drawer, why not hold it in one of our handsome and luxurious wine boxes? Our deluxe wine box, for example, features a gorgeous rosewood finish and a luxurious black satin lining fit for even the fanciest of wines. It even comes included with a corkscrew, a stopper, two wine glasses and other sommelier tools - everything you need to successfully schmooze a potential client.

Looking for something a little more eco-friendly? Our bamboo wine box is made of one of the world's most renewable resources and includes everything (save the glasses) that comes with our deluxe wine box. Both models feature ample lid space for free personalization, which allows you to have your name or your company's logo laser engraved on the surface. No matter which box you choose, you'll be glad to have it on hand when the time comes to kick back and enjoy the relaxation that you earned through your hard work.


We know that you take pride in being there for your colleagues, in always recognizing their achievements and the effort they put into making your company great. Don't you think that all those people you support would be happy to know that you're taking care of yourself just as well? You're working hard too, and that hard work is just as deserving of recognition. We hope that you find a fitting reward for yourself in our extensive catalog - if not, please feel free to get in touch so we can help you track down a gift befitting your commitment and dedication.

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