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Participation trophies are an important part of your team’s awards ceremony. They ensure that everybody’s efforts are celebrated and show your appreciation for your entire team. If you have a big team, it can get fairly expensive to make sure everyone gets a trophy. Luckily, we have plenty of low-cost, high-quality options for you to choose from.

1. The Classic Achievement Award

As the name suggests, the Classic Achievement Award is the participation trophy standard. The golden figure atop a custom-engraved base provides the perfect award to give as a thank you to all your hard-working team members.

2. The Classic Star Achievement Trophy

If you’d like a participation trophy with some added flair (without added expense), the Classic Star Achievement Trophy is the perfect match for you! The golden figure holds a star above their head and, just like the Classic Achievement Award, you have the option of custom engraving on the trophy base.

3. The Reach For The Stars Trophy

This participation trophy offers a unique spin on the classic gold figure, but is still just as affordable! The Reach For The Stars Trophy would make a perfect addition to any child’s trophy shelf, reminding them of the great times they had during another fun season.

4. The Silver Motion Star Award

If you want to give out a particularly special-looking participation trophy, the Silver Motion Star Award is the way to go! The fun colors and bold shapes will make this year’s trophy stand out among the rest.

5. Honor Ribbon Achievement Insert Trophy

This participation trophy is sure to stand tall above the rest! The Honor Ribbon Achievement Insert Trophy includes an additional customization option — you can add a sticker to the “medal” part of the ribbon trophy. Some options include “MVP,” “In Appreciation,” and “Participant.”

There are plenty of other affordable participation trophy options to choose from, including ones that are more specific to your sport. Browse our full selection to find the perfect option for your team and your budget!

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