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DISCLAIMER: K2 Awards is not affiliated with the Academy Awards or the Oscars™. Our fake Oscar™ trophies are only replicas of the actual awards, and are only intended for use as parodies.

So you’ve been given the high honor of receiving a fake Oscar™ trophy. Now that you’ve given an amazing acceptance speech, you’re on to the next challenge — finding the best way to display it. Replica or not, everyone needs to be made aware of your accomplishment!

Mantle Display

Out of the way, family vacation pictures — there’s a new trophy in town! If you have a fireplace mantle in your home, it would make the perfect display shelf for your Oscar™ trophy replica. Every time you light a fire for your guests, make sure to point out your trophy and how beautiful it looks when the flames dance across its golden surface.

Spotlights. Enough Said

On your desk at work? Spotlights. In your front room window? Spotlights. On your lawn next to that leftover pink flamingo from your 40th birthday? You guessed it: spotlights. Make sure every facet of your fake Oscar™ trophy shines like the performance that earned it for you.

Hood Ornament

Is that a Jaguar? Nope: it’s the plastic Oscar™ trophy-mobile. The best way to show everybody in town that you’re amazing(ly funny) is to secure your award to the hood of your car. Just be careful going through the wash with it.


Now your duck-face has a greater purpose — to show that you’re giving your trophy plenty of kisses. Even if you’re a foodie and you’re taking a picture of your latest dish, make sure your fake Oscar™ trophy is featured prominently in the background with the condiments.

A Necklace

Sometimes the weight of your accomplishments can feel like a lot, but earning this fake Oscar™ trophy proves that you can handle it. A nice thick chain with plenty of gemstones will show everyone that, after your stunning performance, you are now ready to innovate in the world of bling.

We’re sure there are plenty of other ingenious ways to display your Oscar™ trophy replica. And you would know — you’re the one whose flair for the dramatic earned this accolade in the first place! Check out our full selection of fake Oscar™ trophies and other achievement awards, and start customizing today!

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