A music achievement award is a great way to recognize a single student or your entire band, orchestra or choir at the end of a season. No matter the program, there’s an appropriate music award or music trophy for the occasion.

Check out some of our top awards, trophies and medals for each type of music program.

Orchestra Awards

The star swirl music trophy and the color impact music trophy are the perfect music awards for both stars and participants. Either orchestra award, both reminiscent of the musician's oh-so-familiar view of sheet music, will impress any lover of music.

Band Awards

Looking for a crowd-pleaser band award for the whole ensemble? This value band medal is just the thing to tell your entire band that you’re proud of them.

Maybe you’d like to award your top musician or the first chairs of each section. This Saturn music trophy, with a shape modeled after the bell of a brass instrument, will make any recipient’s year.

Choir Awards

The color starz music trophy and the pinwheel music trophy are both great choices to honor your top singers or even your entire choir. With classic designs and a subtle nod to a studio microphone, each choir award is sure to hit a high note with students.

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