When a hockey season is ending you want to reward your hockey stars with a trophy they are going to love! Not sure which hockey trophies are most popular? Check out out guide of the 6 most purchased hockey trophies.


1. V-Series Hockey Award

Celebrate your victory with the class V hockey trophy. Always a favorite with the team, we know your kids will be proud to show off their winning season! This trophy is not only a favorite, but also starts at only $5.99. A win-win all around!

2. Star Shield Hockey Trophy

This bronze colored trophy offers a unique design featuring skates, hockey sticks and starts. At 6.25" tall, its a great trophy to display on any desk or case. Often this hockey trophy is purchased for all participants!

3. Wristband Hockey Trophy

Here you have an elegant, premium girls’ softball trophy at an incredibly affordable price. The 3D Softball Sports Crystal is as solid and heavy as it looks. The player is engraved in 3D for an impressive visual effect.

4. Sport Cup Hockey Trophy

The size and design of the Phoenix Softball Trophy give it a majestic, inspirational feel. It’s 13 inches tall with a wingspan of nearly 5 inches, so it has a big presence even though it has a small price.

5. Star Swirl Hockey Trophy

Unapologetically different, the Wild Woman Softball Trophy is a favorite for girls with spunk. The attitude is tough yet fun. It’s a great reminder for all girls to be themselves and play fearlessly.

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