Metal trophy cups

There's something about a metal trophy that just can't be beaten. Just like your amazing team! For your next championship, choose a trophy with weight and permanence — something that speaks to the hard work put into earning it. Consider these metal trophy cup options to help your champions shine.


Stunning Silver Trophy Cups

Not everyone can be #1, but they can come really close! To recognize the runner-ups in your next championship, choose a silver metal trophy cup.


Elegant Silver Metal Cup


"Elegant" is correct! The curving handles and detailing on the base make this one metal trophy cup you don't want to pass up. There are fantastic bulk pricing options available as well, so you can give awards to each individual on a team rather than one for everyone to share.

Silver Loving Cup


The silver cup trophy has a shine and authenticity that can't be beaten by other materials. The Silver Loving Cup is a trophy that will stand proudly in a display case, on a mantle, or even on a desk. It's available in four sizes to suit any need.

Silver Italian Cup On Perpetual Base


For a trophy with weight, permanence, and an overall valuable feel, choose this metal silver cup trophy on a perpetual base. Whether you're using it as a championship award or to commemorate scholarship winners, this trophy is sure to look beautiful for a lifetime. K2 can take care of your first round of engraving and help with any future ones as well.


Gorgeous Gold Trophy Cups

For the ultimate victors of your next championship, nothing but a gold metal trophy will do. Get a trophy that looks and feels like it will last a lifetime, just like the memories of their incredible triumph.


Gold Metal Bowl Cup


Like the Elegant Silver Metal Cup, the Gold Metal Bowl trophy cup has beautifully detailed handles, adding to its aesthetic value. It sits on a black marble base that can be customized with a team or person's name, or any other engraving you would like.

Gold Metal Cup With Lid


This metal trophy cup has a weightiness that speaks to its value. It already looks beautiful on its standard black marble base, but for added timelessness, you can opt for a perpetual base instead. Add names and years for each championship season that passes, ensuring that every team's accomplishment is remembered.

High-Rise Gold Metal Cup On Rosewood Base


This gold metal trophy towers above the rest at up to 26 inches tall. The Rosewood Piano Finish Base is another beautiful touch to this beautiful trophy — and it comes with free unlimited customization. The amazing quality of this trophy is hard to match.


Browse Our Full Metal Trophy Selection

Champions deserve the best for their incredible efforts, and K2 has just what you're looking for. We have a wide variety of silver and gold metal trophy cups, and plenty of other styles and materials as well. Check them all out today!

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