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Band, orchestra and choir directors put in long hours, hard work, personal attention and dedication, all for the sake of their students. They are patient and caring, while helping students get better at their musical passions.

When it's time to recognize them, especially on major professional anniversaries or after significant accomplishments, they deserve a music trophy or plaque that's truly special.

To help, we’ve chosen some of our top music awards that are sure to warm your director’s heart and make them proud of everything they and your band, orchestra or choir has accomplished.

flame music trophy

Krystal Flame Music Trophy

This crystal-look music trophy is a fantastic way to honor the leader of your choir, band or orchestra. These trophies feature a full-color insert in the middle of a stunning flame design. Your director will want to show off this trophy for years to come.

music plaque

Music Silhouette Plaque

Celebrate your music director with this simple yet sophisticated music plaque. This award, available in three sizes, features a customized metal plate attached to a pressed wood plaque with a veneer finish. Show your director how much they mean to your entire band, orchestra or choir.

music crystal award

Music Optical Crystal Award

This elegant music award will truly show your director how much they’re appreciated for all that they do. These prestigious trophies come engraved with a treble clef and free unlimited personalized text. For an added touch, each eye-catching award is individually packaged in a decorative blue box.

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