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The season is over. There are winners and there are definite losers. While rewarding the person who comes out on top is nice and all, it can be even more fun to “reward” the clear loser. Extend the fun and friendly ribbing of fantasy football by honoring the last place player with a last place fantasy football trophy.

Check out these comical fantasy football trophy ideas for the last place player in your league. And after picking out the best fantasy football loser trophy, remember to engrave it with something equally funny and fantastic.

football bobblehead trophy

Football Bobblehead Trophy

For a hilarious, low-cost option, the Football Bobblehead Trophy is a clear winner (even if the recipient isn’t). This expressively goofy bobblehead is sure to mock the loser all off-season long.

toilet trophy

Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy

Adding a little humor always makes losing a whole lot easier. Bring a smile to the recipient’s face with this Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy. Let them flush away their stinky season with this funny fantasy football trophy.

fantasy football trophy

Fantasy Football Trophy

For a truly dedicated loser, there’s no better honor than receiving the bronzed Fantasy Football Trophy. This fantasy football loser trophy includes incredible detail of a football player wannabe reclined in his chair watching The Big Game. Better luck next year!

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