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If you want to boost the competitive spirit at your next event, you need to throw a trophy cup in the mix. Whether it's a team of athletes or just a group of friends, having a tangible goal to work toward will make the game even more fun! Go all out with some of our favorite, extra-special large trophy cups.

cup with lid

Italian Cup With Lid

This beautifully detailed, large trophy cup is perfect for awarding your sport team's biggest victories. It would be the perfect trophy to pass within an area or statewide league, encouraging the defending team to hang onto it for another year while the competing teams strive to snag it for themselves. At up to 23 inches tall, this impressive trophy cup is sure to stand out from the rest!

gold cup on base

Gold Metal Cup On Perpetual Base

Perpetual base trophy cups are particularly special because they keep a record of winners for each year of a competition. If you are a coach, you could award this trophy cup to a new MVP team member each season. It could also be used to track senior scholarship winners. The honorees have their name remembered permanently while other players or students work hard to be the next person added to the base. As always, our plate customization is unlimited.

gold trophy cup

Mega Gold Cup

The simple design of this trophy cup is sure to please anyone who earns it. It stands anywhere from 20 - 24 inches tall and has a customizable plate that can be engraved to suit any need. If you want to go all out in awarding the next family cornhole tournament champion, this trophy cup is the one for you.

silver trophy cup

Silver Metal Championship Cup

Another elegant and timeless trophy, the Silver Metal Championship Cup is built to last for countless victories. Free unlimited personalization ensures that you can engrave this trophy cup any way you want. You can even find this trophy in gold.

Find More Large Trophy Cups In Our Full Selection

K2 Awards boasts an impressive collection of huge trophy cups available in a variety of sizes. From resin to metal, we carry high-quality trophies to suit any budget. Browse all of our big trophy cups to make an even bigger impression!

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