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Lacrosse trophy figures can be graceful and classic, but they can also push the envelope. Go with the more traditional and poised lacrosse trophies if you’re looking for a tried-and-true favorite. But if you’re looking for something a little different and goofy, a playful lacrosse trophy is sure to be a hit. Check out some of our top poised and playful lacrosse trophies to help you decide.


standard lacrosse trophy

Standard Lacrosse Trophy

This classic trophy, available with both male and female figures, is perfect for all lacrosse events and victories. At 6 inches high, the Standard Lacrosse Trophy is a good size to hand out to everyone on the team. motion lacrosse trophy

Motion Lacrosse Trophy

This 9-inch Motion Lacrosse Trophy does a great job of displaying the ever-changing dynamics of the game. The lacrosse trophy figures are available in both male and female. These elegant trophies perfectly capture the life of lacrosse. power lacrosse trophy

Star Power Male Lacrosse Trophy

The classic Star Power Male Lacrosse Trophy is an awesome way to honor any team with a long and proud heritage. These lacrosse trophies have a high-gloss finish and a combination of rustic dark gold with light gold accents.


monster lacrosse trophy

Monster Lacrosse Trophy

Release the lacrosse monster on your most outgoing of players. All kids, but especially the boys, will love the hilariously animated look of the Monster Lacrosse Trophy. superhero lacrosse trophy

Superhero Lacrosse Insert Trophy

The kids will marvel at this epic trophy! The Superhero Lacrosse Insert Trophy is a fun-filled award, perfect for those team members with a true sense of leadership. All kids, especially the girls, will go crazy over these awesome girl-powered trophies. bobblehead lacrosse trophy

Bobblehead Lacrosse Trophy

Put some fun into buying lacrosse trophies with the Bobblehead Lacrosse Trophy, available for both males and females. Your players will love how these expressive awards overflow with personality.

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