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The game of hockey is very fast, action packed and intense. As the players move across the ice with fierce competitiveness, great speed and agility, there is one player who holds the game together. That player is none other than the goalie.


As they vigilantly guard the net, goalies are vital to the team’s success. Whether they make an epic save or withstand a punishing shootout, they are the ones who take the most hits. Their performance determines whether the team celebrates in victory or is left to suffer defeat. In celebration of all they give on the ice, don’t they deserve an award of their own? Well K2 Awards has a great selection of hockey trophies to help you recognize goalies for the game savers they truly are.


Prestige Hockey Goalie Trophy Pewter Hockey Goalie Trophy Star Swirl Hockey Trophy

 Pictured Left to Right: Presitige Hockey Goalie Trophy, Pewter Hockey Goalie Trophy, Star Swirl Hockey Trophy


The Prestige Hockey Goalie Trophy depicts the goalie as he kneels and victoriously captures the puck. This high quality resin hockey trophy is available in two sizes. As he sits atop the cherry finished base, you will notice the intricate detail enhanced with beautiful gold accents.

For the goalie who is always poised and ready for action, the Pewter Hockey Goalie Trophy is a great award. This resin hockey trophy is hand painted with gold accents and an antique pewter finish.

If you’re looking something fun and compact, the Star Swirl Hockey Trophy is a great bet. Measuring just a little over five inches tall, this hand painted trophy packs a lot of detail. It shows a hockey net, stick and puck encircled by three shooting stars.

Sport Victory Hockey Trophy
Team Spirit Hockey Trophy
Orbit Hockey Trophy

Pictured Left to Right: Sport Victory Hockey Trophy, Team Spirit Hockey Trophy, Orbit Hockey Trophy


When your goalie soars to new heights, give him the Sport Victory Hockey Trophy. Standing six and a half inches tall, this trophy depicts a hockey mask placed between a pair of majestic wings with a hockey skate sitting in front of a silver banner.

For the goalie who’s always ready for action, a Team Spirit Hockey Trophy with Goalie Topper is just the thing. Available in three sizes, 20 column colors and your choice of black or marble base, there is a goalie figure topper making this a one-of-a-kind award.

Tomorrow the Stanley Cup but for now, the Sport Cup Hockey Trophy is the one to beat! Small but highly detailed, this hockey trophy has a golden cup with a hockey skate and puck sitting on a black base.

Whichever one you choose, you can count on our guaranteed fast delivery, great prices and 100% customer satisfaction. These are just some of our hockey trophies available. We have also have a great selection of hockey medals and hockey plaques. All awards come with free unlimited engraving. When it comes to creating the perfect custom hockey award, the possibilities are endless!


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