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Hosting your very own soccer tournament is a great way to raise money, promote your organization or simply have fun. To ensure the success of your tournament, plenty of time needs to be devoted towards planning and budgeting.

Before you get down to business, it’s important to establish a budget.There are so many costs to take into consideration, such as securing a location, hiring staff, food and, last but not least, awards. One of your biggest expenditures will be renting a location for your tournament. Your local parks and recreation department can be a good resource for locations and can give you an idea as to what the rates are for different facilities. Another option is to hold the tournament at a local school and let them sponsor the event. Prior to committing to a venue, it’s a good idea to visit the location and make sure there is space for a registration or check in area, restroom facilities, space to set up a concession stand, room for spectators and, of course, a good size playing field.

Location is just one thing you need to take into consideration when budgeting for the event. You also need to factor in the cost of things such as food.

A concession stand is another expense but it is also a great source of revenue. You can cook hot dogs or sell ready-made food such as pizza, soda and packaged snacks.

Let’s not forget the highlight of the tournament, awards! The Budget Soccer Medal is a great looking and affordable medal, also a good bet for participation awards. For the one who wins the coveted spot of top player, the Riser Soccer Trophy is the perfect award! If your tournament is for young children, a Soccer Trophy Dude is a fun award. Not only is this little guy cute, his arms are poseable! These are just a few examples of our great selection of trophies and medals available.

Players, attendees and volunteers are going to love have having custom t-shirts to commemorate your tournament! It’s so easy to create your very own custom designed t-shirt, all you have to do is upload your design. With our skilled design staff, designing the perfect t-shirt has never been easier.

Now for the most important part, finding your players! One great way to do that is to advertise your tournament. If your tournament is being sponsored, sponsors can help promote the event and recruit players. Another option is to contact local soccer organizations and, if all else fails, create your own teams!

Make sure you have all the help you need by arranging for security and finding staff for different positions. You can save a significant amount by having volunteers register teams, sell concessions or take tickets. While most positions can be filled by volunteers, security is a different concern. Prior to the tournament, contact your local police department to let them know about the event and ask them for recommendations.

Once everyone knows where they need to be, what they need to do, it’s time to let the games begin! A successful soccer tournament is a great way to have fun and bring people together. Participants get to enjoy being part of a team, being active and the thrill of victory. With our wide selection of trophies, medals and custom apparel, K2 Awards has everything you need to hold a successful soccer tournament. Our responsive customer service team is ready and able to assist you so contact us and get your tournament off to a great start!

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