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Holiday gift giving can be quite a challenge, especially when shopping for those at work. Although every workplace is different, here are some helpful guidelines and gift suggestions. If you take them into consideration, office gift giving is a great way to show your holiday spirit while boosting morale and creating a positive impression.

Do’s and Don’ts

Before you begin shopping, here are some points to remember:

  • Find out your office’s policy on gift giving
  • Ask about spending limits if there are any
  • Keep it professional, do not give anything overly personal or controversial (anything with religious or political undertones)
  • Gag gifts? Skip them altogether or, if you must, give to the person outside of work

Rules can vary but these are a good starting point. Fortunately, K2 Awards offers a variety of gifts which your clients and coworkers will love!

Office Gift Giving

When it comes to shopping for coworkers, how do you even know where to begin? A fun way to handle this is to have a Secret Santa for each person in the office. People may draw names out of a hat and whoever’s name they select will be the person they buy a gift for. Typically, a spending limit will be suggested, which is helpful for the more budget conscious and it allows everyone to receive a gift.

A good gift for a coworker could be something simple yet practical. Is this person a coffee drinker? Then a nice personalized Rounded Corner Coffee Mug will make a great gift. How about a gift that’s great in an emergency? The Custom Cell Phone Charging Bank is something very simple yet will definitely come in handy. Another nice little gift is the Personalized Leatherette Note Pad with Pen which can be customized with just about anything you choose.

Gifts for the Boss

Workplace gift giving is usually done in a top down fashion. Sometimes bosses may give their employees gifts while employees are not expected to give the boss a gift. Knowing what to do in this situation can be tricky but some offices decide to have employees chip in for the boss’ gift. There is absolutely no obligation to participate but pooling your resources makes it easier.

Fortunately, there are great gifts that everyone can pitch in for, are high quality and won’t break the bank. Is he an avid golfer who would like to perfect his swing? You and your workmates can pitch in for a Personalized Executive Golf Set. Perhaps he loves to barbecue. Although cookout season is still some time away, why not help him start it off right with a Personalized Rosewood BBQ Set? If he likes a good cigar every so often, how about a Personalized Spanish Cedar Humidor?

Client Gifts

When shopping for a valued client, you want to give a gift they’ll appreciate yet reflects well on you and your organization. One way to show your appreciation for their support is by giving a lovely Cube Glass Desk Clock. These clocks are elegant and make a nice addition to any room or office and can be personalized however you choose. The Personalized Rosewood Finish Chess Set is also a great choice, it’s a complete game set with everything included plus the beautiful rosewood finish adds a touch of class and elegance wherever it is placed. A Curved Glass Picture Frame would also make a lovely gift. With free and unlimited engraving, you can personalize it with a nice holiday message.

Whatever your situation at work may be, everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift. Giving something that is customized for the recipient adds some cheer to the gift giving season. At K2 Awards, we have a so many wonderful items in our gift collection, you are sure to find the perfect gift. With 100% customer satisfaction, quick delivery and free shipping on orders over $97.00, we are a one-stop spot for corporate holiday gift giving!

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