Hilarious Novelty Trophies

Joke trophies are the perfect way to make an already funny situation downright hilarious. Whether it's a casual company event, a game night with friends or just because, handing out novelty trophies will make any get-together truly unforgettable. Here are a few funny award ideas to get you started.

toilet insert trophy

The Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy

It's a simple fact of life — for every winner, there must be a loser. But that doesn't mean their efforts are any less deserving of recognition! The shining Last Place Toilet Trophy is perfect for the losing party member. Add an image or logo to the inside of the toilet lid to really drive the point home. You can even customize the trophy's base with free unlimited personalization. Engrave the trophy with the date or the name of the occasion to fully memorialize the details of their spectacularly crappy performance.

horse's rear trophy

The Standard Horse's Rear Trophy

The horse is a noble and majestic creature, so awarding a novelty trophy in the shape of its butt should be reserved for the most noble and majestic of losses. Maybe this person kept their cool as their fantasy football draft picks flopped. Or maybe they shook hands with all the competitors that creamed them at cornhole. Either way, the Standard Horse's Rear Trophy is a shining example of how to award a person who loses like a champ.

pirate bobblehead trophy

The Pirate Bobblehead Mascot Trophy

This unique Pirate Bobblehead Trophy could be awarded for any number of random occasions. September 19th , for example, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. This funny award is perfect for all the scurvy knaves who jump on the opportunity to talk about their booty without getting weird looks.

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