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A team tennis trophy at the end of a season is nice, but it’s equally nice to recognize the accomplishments of each member of your tennis team. How can you do this? By creating tennis awards for every player on your high school varsity team.

Go through your roster and really think about each player and what they bring to the team. If you need some help with suggestions, we have you covered.

High School Tennis Awards Ideas

Most Improved. Which player improved the most during their tenure on the team?

Most Dedicated. Who was at every practice, stayed late and gave it their all?

Best Serve. Who has that killer serve that the team can rely on?

Best Swing. Which player always knows just the type of swing to get the point?

Best Spike. Who has that deadly spike to block any ball?

Craziest Volley. Who partook in the craziest volleying session of the season?

Sportsmanship Award. Which member of your team is fair and kind to all, whether it’s your team or the competition?

Most Likely To Play In College. Who shows the drive and ability to transition well on the college level?

Teamwork Award. Which player works best with the team and encourages collaboration?

Leadership Award. Which teammate naturally guides and leads the team to come together and play their best?

Most Impressive Moves. Who has the most effective and exciting moves?

Most Wins. Which player had the most wins of the season?

Top Scorer. Who was the top scorer of the entire season?

Most Team Spirit. Which teammate comes to games and practices with the most spirit and enthusiasm?

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