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When it comes time to pick out golf awards for a tournament or outing, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with choices. There are so many options, how can you even choose? What are the benefits of golf tournament trophies over golf tournament plaques, or vice versa?

We’re here to help you out and clear up any confusion you may have in regard to picking out the perfect trophies or golf awards for your event.

Golf Tournament Trophies

More Designs

There are dozens upon dozens of designs and materials to choose from when you go with golf tournament trophies. The large variety of options is a key reason a lot of people turn to trophies when it comes time to create an award for a golf tournament. Whether you’re looking for a classic throwback design or a comical figurine award, you can find them all when shopping for golf trophies.

Options For Every Budget

From cheap golf trophies to premium designs, there’s an option for every budget with golf tournament trophies. Need to buy a lot of awards for an outing? Try this super affordable standard golf trophy, starting at only $3.89 a piece. Looking for something special and elegant for the winner of a golf championship? The golf champion claret jug ($139.99 each) is sure to make your winner feel like a true champion.

Classic Choice

Golf tournament trophies are simply a classic choice and well-loved tradition for golf tournaments and outings. Recipients are proud to display these golf awards on any shelf in their home or office, which is another reason why trophies are such an all-around popular option.

Golf Tournament Plaques

More Room For Engraving

While trophies are great, they don’t exactly provide a lot of room for engraving. And if you want to include a lengthy quote or meaningful statement, you’re going to need some significant real estate. That’s where golf tournament plaques come into play. You have all the room you’ll need and more and you can even engrave the award with your own handwritten message.

Won’t Take Up Space

Trophies can take up a lot of space. You know what doesn’t? A golf plaque. These sleek, impressive-looking awards can hang on any wall, making them the most versatile option around. And for the person that wants to include the plaque next to their other awards on the shelf, there’s always the option of placing it in a nice stand.


Golf tournament plaques are a fantastic option if you’re working with a tight budget or simply don’t want to spend a lot on golf awards. Our golf plaques range from just $7.99 to $17.99 each. And thanks to our bulk discount, the more you buy the more you save.

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