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Girls’ softball trophies can send a subtle but important message. So much of the sports imagery in pop culture is still male-dominated, and many media portrayals of women and girls are still unrealistic and promote an unhealthy self-image. Young girls deserve to see themselves represented in athletics more often and in a powerful way.

So when you’re shopping for softball trophies, why not look for ones with girl power? To make your search easier, we’ve gathered a few girls’ softball trophies that have proven to be favorites.

Each of these softball awards depicts a female player, showing your team that they can be proud to “hit like a girl.”

softball trophy with column

1. Motion Softball Column Trophy

For those who like the popular column trophy style, the Motion Softball Column Trophy makes a great softball award. The player featured on this trophy is looking up toward the softball she just hit, and she’s taking her first steps around the bases. The figurine is graceful and dignified, and the colorful column design gives it a sense of fun and celebration.

softball batter trophy

2. Live Action Girls' Softball Trophy

The dynamic Live Action Girls' Softball Trophy captures that exciting moment when the hitter is mid-swing, and you just know she’s knocking it out of the park. There’s a certain intensity to this girls’ softball trophy that resonates with true competitors. The contrast of the black, gold and pewter paint make the design even more striking.

softabll Crystal

3. 3D Softball Sports Crystal

Here you have an elegant, premium girls’ softball trophy at an incredibly affordable price. The 3D Softball Sports Crystal is as solid and heavy as it looks. The player is engraved in 3D for an impressive visual effect.

softball trophy

4. Phoenix Softball Trophy

The size and design of the Phoenix Softball Trophy give it a majestic, inspirational feel. It’s 13 inches tall with a wingspan of nearly 5 inches, so it has a big presence even though it has a small price.

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