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Everybody loves the shiny golden figures that proudly pose on top of swimming trophies. But, what if you have an intramural team and need something less gender-specific? Luckily, we have your back with plenty of gender-neutral swim trophies that any team member will be proud to take home.

star swimming trophy

Star Shield Swimming Trophy

If you’re looking to give out a swimming award to the star of your team, this trophy is the perfect match! Whether this swimmer is breaking records, stealing victories, or both, their hard work and dedication deserve to be recognized with this swim trophy.

flame swimming trophy

Flame Swim Trophy

Every team has a speed demon — let yours know how awesome their achievements were this season with the Flame Swim Trophy. Hopefully they’ll keep up the hard work and blow the competition out of the water for years to come!

saturn swimming trophy

Saturn Swimming Trophy

Whether you need an award for best backstroke or a diving trophy, the Saturn Trophy has you covered. Celebrate the incredible athleticism of your team members with a trophy that’s sure to get a prominent display in their home.

To browse our entire selection of swimming trophies, awards, and medals, check out our full catalogue. Let us help make this end-of-season awards ceremony the best ever!

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