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Track and field is a challenging sport that takes serious commitment — but that doesn’t mean track awards always have to be serious.

Why not finish the season on a lighter note?

While most teams will opt for basic track medals for everyone and an earnest track trophy or two for top achievers, it’s possible to celebrate a runner’s hard work and success with a track trophy that’s both flattering and funny. And a funny running trophy can be even more special and memorable than a traditional track trophy.

Here are a few ideas.

The Miles-y Cyrus Track Award

This is a great funny track award for a female distance runner, especially one known for her spunk.

The Head Pack-Man Track Award

This idea is fitting for a leader on a men’s or boys' track team. If you go this route, consider a track trophy with a male figure as a topper.

The Cyndi Lapper Track Award

OK, admittedly, today’s teens probably won’t get this one. But it’ll still be amusing for parents and coaches.

The Kick Asphalt Track Award

Versatile and just a little edgy, this phrase makes for funny track awards to recognize all kinds of accomplishments.

The Jimmy John’s Track Award

This funny track award is perfect for a runner who’s — you guessed it — freaky fast.

Feel free to borrow any of these ideas, or come up with your own! K2 Awards offers free custom engraving, so you can simply add your playful phrases to transform any of our trophies and medals into funny track awards.

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