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There tends to be an assumption that company events are stuffy, boring and overall kind of awkward. But this absolutely doesn't have to be the case! Casual employee events can be genuinely enjoyable, especially if you can all laugh together. And the best way to get the giggles going is with funny office awards. Try these funny award ideas for your next company get-together.

Longest Voicemails

We all have a coworker whose voicemails are a bit...long-winded. After listening to one of them, you might discover that you've grown a beard. When presenting their funny award, you could give a speech that goes on just a little too long, soaking up the laughs as your other coworkers realize who you're talking about. Maybe your honoree will give an equally long acceptance speech!

Most Creative Excuses

Some coworkers always have an excuse in their back pocket. They always have a new, creative reason to explain why they came in late, left early or tried to get out of coming to this company event. Funny trophies are the perfect way to give this kind of employee a good-natured ribbing — but be sure to use judgement about how the person will react and if it's appropriate to your work culture.

Corniest Jokes

Some people have a joke for everything — even if they're totally corny. For awarding your company's Prince or Princess of Puns, only joke trophies will do. Try out a personalized Dundie Award for commemorating their cheesy sense of humor.

Most Coffee Consumed

If you've observed a coworker drinking coffee like it's going out of style, bring their obsession to light with a funny award. It's sure to get a laugh from your honoree and from everyone else who's ever found the coffee pot empty after one of their legendary refills. Your funny employee awards ceremony has never made such a buzz!

Smelliest Lunch

Sometimes the most delicious food has the most unpleasant odor. That, or your coworker is guilty of leaving lunches in the communal refrigerator for way, way too long. Let your coworker know that everyone's getting a whiff of their fragrant foodstuffs with a funny novelty trophy.

The Night Owl Award

Every office has an employee who has everyone convinced that they sleep under their desk. This person lingers at their desk until late into the night, seemingly without losing steam. For their incredible endurance, some funny trophies are called for. It'll be sure to give everyone a good laugh!

Funniest Typos

Typing up memos and emails at blazing speeds can sometimes lead to hilarious slip-ups. Some people experience these accidental misspellings more than others. Commemorate their funniest typos with customizable joke trophies that are perfect for good-natured prodding.

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