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You’ve picked out the perfect fantasy football trophy for the winner of your fantasy league. But now it’s time to come up with something clever for the engraving. You want the fantasy football trophy engraving to be funny, but not insulting.

Coming up with a clever phrase when you’re trying to create the best fantasy football trophy ever can be the most difficult part of creating a custom award. Here are a few funny fantasy football trophy engraving ideas to get you started, ranging from overdramatic to silly and sarcastic.

1. The Football Is Fantasy. The Victory Is Real.

This engraving is perfect for the league winner who takes his fantasy football more serious than anyone else.

2. A Lousy Kicker Has Become The Best Picker And Clicker

While your league’s winner might not be the best athlete, they’ve officially (kind of) vindicated themselves by winning your fantasy league. Show them how proud you are of their picking and clicking skills.

3. Presented To The Pretend Winner Who Took Our Real Money

Fantasy football is all about having fun and (maybe) winning some money in the process. Make the trophy engraving funny and sarcastic to keep the rest of your league from being too torn up over not winning.

4. They Won On The Field. You Won From Your Couch.

Show the winner of your fantasy football league that you’re all in awe of their couch-sitting and draft-picking abilities. Nothing says “respect” like a trophy.

5. Fantasy Football. Real Bragging Rights.

While the football fantasy team may be fake, the bragging rights are real. Let your league winner feel like a superstar for the rest of the year, ... or the rest of the day.

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