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DISCLAIMER: K2 Awards is not affiliated with the Academy Awards, or the Oscars™. Our fake Oscar™ trophies are only replicas of the actual awards, and are only intended for use as parodies.

Sometimes in life you come across a person or situation that makes you say…“Really?” Whether they’re telling a big fib or just being dramatic, their dedicated performances deserve a fake Oscar™ trophy. Here are a few examples we’ve all probably encountered that are begging for special recognition.

The Sick Kid Award

Here’s a scene that some of you may find familiar: you enter your child’s room in the morning to get them up for school and find them spread-eagled on the bed, their arm tossed dramatically over their forehead. You put a hand on their shoulder and they let out a ghastly moan followed by the something along the lines of “Ooooooh, I don’t feel so good.” They might even go a step further and say, “My head hurts real bad and I almost threw up last night,” followed by the inevitable question, “Can I not go to school today?”

What your little drama king or queen needs is a fake Oscar™ trophy for “Best Fake Sick Performance.” Their acting was truly spectacular, and some days you might even ponder taking a page from their book to skip a day in the office.

The Flat Tire Award

At every office, there’s one person who always seems to get a flat tire on their way to work. Or, maybe they use a flat as an excuse to not come to the fancy dinner party you planned. It always winds up being a pothole or a busted seam or — their personal favorite — a nail. It’s as if the Nail Factory semi truck flipped over as it drove past their house and spilled its contents all over the road. The cleanup crew did its best to find every nail, but, somehow your colleague’s tires always seem to locate the few they missed.

Their unwavering use of the same excuse time and time again deserves a fake Oscar™ trophy. Their dedication to the craft of fibbing is appreciated.

The "OMG My Life Is Ruined" Award

These words have been uttered by every teenager at some point or another. It probably happened after you took their Xbox away due to bad grades, or when you said no to the raging party they insisted on throwing for their Sweet 16. Either way, what your teen wants you to know in this moment is that their life. Is. Ruined. And it’s all your fault, so you should totally reconsider.

Only the best performances can be worthy of the plastic Oscar™ trophy, however. Consider awarding it if they include stomping feet, slamming doors, audible-but-strangely-fake-sounding sobs, or threats of running away to start a new life in the big city.

The Big Baby Award

This category is similar to the “sick kid” award, but occurs after some sort of injury or ailment has actually happened. But said ailment never quite fits the reaction these people have to it. One example would be hissing loudly and practically falling out of their chair when they get a paper cut. Another would be quarantining themselves in the bathroom with antacids and an extra roll of toilet paper at the first inkling of intestinal distress.

But, the worst examples (and the ones that truly deserve a fake Oscar™ trophy) are when these ailments become an excuse to get out of work. Ever have a friend “pull a muscle in their shoulder” right after they started helping you with your move? They probably insisted that they could go on, rolling their shoulder and wincing all the while, until finally you just gave in and told them to go home. Let them know that you see their trickery and won’t let them get away with it next time. Because next time you’ll just ask your uncle.

There are plenty of other Oscar™-worthy moments that happen to us every day, performed by people whose exaggerations admittedly make our lives a little fuller. Show them that you know just what they’re up to with our fake Oscar™ trophies! For other hilarious moments that deserve an equally hilarious trophy, you can also check out our full selection of funny trophies. Start customizing your trophies today!

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