DISCLAIMER: K2 Awards is not affiliated with the Academy Awards or the Oscars™. Our fake Oscar™ trophies are only replicas of the actual awards, and are only intended for use as parodies.

You’ve just been given a fake Oscar™ trophy by a friend, family member, or colleague. Now everyone around you is chanting, “Speech! Speech! Speech!” and you can’t just ignore them! It’s time to take your prize with pride, stand tall, and deliver the most earth-shattering acceptance speech they’ve ever heard.

Express The Appropriate Amount Of Shock

Put a hand up to your mouth or over your heart as you walk over to claim your Oscar ™ trophy replica. To ensure that you are prepared for any awards in your future, start carrying eyedrops with you at all times. That way, if you’re not shedding a tear already, you can take a moment to turn away from the crowd (real or metaphorical) and sneak some into your eyes to give them that dewy, overjoyed appearance. They’ll come in handy during allergy season, anyway.

Take The Mic With Confidence

Whether there’s a microphone or not, a good pantomime is sure to knock the audience’s socks off. Let them know right away that the fake Oscar™ trophy acceptance speech they’re about to experience will be legendary. It’s okay if your hands are still a little shaky — you’re still coming down from the shock, after all.

Smile For The Camera

Show off your pearly whites and really rock whatever look you’ve chosen for the day. Is it casual Friday and you’re only wearing your blue jeans and a random t-shirt from a family reunion trip two years ago? Well, for today, those slacks were custom-designed by stylist Jéan Blu from France. That t-shirt is a testament to the glamorous adventure you took to the exotic land of Tar-Jay (nevermind that the trip was taken because you spilled ketchup all over yourself). Let them know that your fashion sensibilities are only of the highest quality.

Thank All The Little People

Family comes first, of course, but be sure to give an extra special shoutout to the extra special person who awarded you this Oscar™ trophy replica. You literally wouldn’t be here without them. Then it’s time to drop the mic and strut offstage. Maybe if it’s a real mic you’re potentially damaging they’ll think twice about giving you a “Best Performance” award for when you tripped and spilled coffee all over the new carpet that one time.

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