As the new year approaches, so too does the time for celebrating the salespeople who excelled in the past twelve months. A word of recognition and a pat on the back is fine, but don't you think that the employees who drive your company's bottom line deserve a little something extra for their hustle and commitment? If there's a salesperson on your team who's gone above and beyond this year, then there's no better way to recognize that extra effort than with a handsome and fully customizable plaque from K2 awards.

Economy Plaques

Though sales can often be a solo sport, there are occasions in which a sales team works together to land a new client or to drive revenue to new and unexpected heights. In situations like that, it hardly seems fair to only give out one plaque for every member of the team to share - every salesperson should get their commemoration of their contribution to a successful group effort. That's why we've put together a selection of economy plaques, so that any company regardless of its size can afford to purchase individual awards for every one of their top performers. Remember too that the listed prices go down when you buy in bulk, making any one of these models an attractive option if you're interested in, say, providing plaques for the entirety of your sales force.


Any salesperson would, for example, be delighted to receive one of our vintage cherry plaques. Its classic, stately finish beautifully frames its black panel and elegant gold text, text that can be customized for free to include the name and achievement of the recipient. Free customization, in fact, is available for all our plaques. Perhaps you'd instead prefer to put that option to use with our team photo plaques, which allow you to forever immortalize your sales' team triumphant moment of pride and recognition. For a small additional fee, you can even have your company's logo engraved on the plate in full, vibrant color.

Premium Plaques

Though every company should place a high value on the power and potential of teamwork, there are going to be occasions when one outstanding individual separates themselves from the pack by simply being that much better than everyone else. Though these individuals deserve special recognition for their exceptional performance, that doesn't mean that you have to break the bank to do so. Our classic gold border plaque, for example, offers a timeless style that any employee would be proud to add to their office - and does so for less than $17, a price that includes free engraving of text and your company's logo. You can even choose from five different finishes to lend the plaque an extra personal touch, finishes that range from stately cherry to stunning black marble.


The true superstars in your office, however, deserve a premium plaque befitting their accomplishments. Our metal gold star mount plaque fits that bill nicely, as its striking golden star shines beautifully against the walnut or rosewood finish (your choice) of the plaque itself. If you think a different symbol might be more fitting, then perhaps our gold key on the cherry wood plaque is more your speed. Any salesperson lucky enough to receive this will know that their contributions were key to the success of their company, and they'll be reminded of that every day when they hang it with pride in their office or home.

Perpetual Plaques

Yearly contests are a great way to motivate your salespeople, a way to spark their competitive fire to the benefit of your company and their professional development. If you want to lend those contests an appropriate air of importance, however, you need to recognize the winners with something more impressive than a piece of paper stapled to the wall of the break room. By adding the name of the first winner to one of our perpetual plaques, you're not only recognizing the individual's achievement - you're also sending the message that your company will remain committed to rewarding exceptional employees for years to come.


Imagine, for example, how our standard perpetual name plaque would look hung on the wall of your company's lobby. Employees and visitors alike will know of your dedication to rewarding excellence, and the individuals whose names have been embossed on that plaque can be proud of the fact that they're part of that storied tradition. If you're looking for something exceptional, however - something to be displayed in a company trophy case for years to come - then look no further than our silver Italian cup. The breathtaking design of the 21" tall cup illustrates just how deeply your company values the contributions of its employees, employees whose names can be engraved on the plates attached to its stately walnut base. You know that your company's top salespeople are true champions - don't they deserve a plaque worthy of an MVP?


Any owner or manager worth their salt will tell you that recognition is of the utmost importance in maintaining the morale and motivation of your employees. If the company doesn't seem to care whether they're working hard, why should they? Rewarding your best salespeople with plaques befitting their accomplishments does more than provide them with a just reward for their effort and commitment - it tells them and every other member of your team that the company is invested in their success and wants to help push them to the next level. If you have any questions about which plaque might best suit your needs, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful customer service associates.

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